How Long Do Trager Grills Last? (Maximizing Your Grill’s Life)

Are you considering investing in a Traeger grill, but wondering how long it will last before it turns into a rusted hunk of metal? Well, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore the lifespan of Traeger grills and give you some tips on how to make it last longer than your in-laws’ welcome during the holidays.

How Long Do Trager Grills Last?

When cared for properly, a Traeger grill will last 10-15 years. This is because Trager grills are made from quality and long-lasting materials. Even if you don’t clean and properly maintain your Traeger, you can still expect it to last at least 5 years. 

Want to know more information about caring for your Trager? Let’s look at some of the different information you should know before purchasing your first Traeger grill!

Do Trager Grills Have a Lifetime Warranty?

One of the main concerns when purchasing an expensive grill is how long you can expect the warranty to last. The warranty is the period of time where Trager will pay to replace any damaged or broken parts. 

All Trager grills are sold with at least a three-year warranty. This 3-year warranty covers all major parts of the grill including the hot rod, auger, fan, and control panel. 

There is a clause in this warranty however that states Trager won’t cover any damages that come from using the grill other than how it is intended. This means if you try to max out the grill temperature or use wood chips instead of pellets, Trager won’t cover the damage it causes. 

Editor’s Note: You can use other brands of pellets in your pellet grill without voiding the warranty. Just be sure you don’t use the grill in ways other than it is intended to be used. 

After the three years have passed, if something breaks in your grill, you are responsible for replacing the damaged parts. 

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Tips for Taking Care of Your Traeger Grill

As we mentioned above, in order for your Traeger grill to last the full 10-15 years, you must take excellent care of it. Below are some tips for keeping your pellet grill in tip-top shape.

1. Always Clean Your Pellet Grill

One of the major ways you risk shortening the life of your pellet grill is by not cleaning it regularly. It is recommended to do a basic cleaning after every use, and a deep cleaning at least once per season (maybe more if you use your grill a lot). 

2. Always Cook Meat Over the Grease Tray

The grease tray in your Traeger plays an important part in keeping your Traeger grill clean. This tray, however, doesn’t cover the entire interior of the grill. 

Try to keep all your large pieces of meat cooking over this grease tray, or if you really must fill your grill to the brim, then consider using foil to protect the edges of the grill where the grease tray doesn’t reach. 

3. Clean the Firepot

Many people forget that besides just cleaning the grates and surface of their grill, that they should also regularly clean the firepot. This is important, because if the firepot gets too full, the flame can spread from the firepot to other parts of the grill.

If you combine this with those grease drippings that didn’t make it into the grease tray—your grill could become a ball of fire really quick. 

It is recommended to check the firepot at least once per month if you grill frequently, or once per season if you are an occasional griller. 

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4. Get a Cover for Your Grill

Covers are instrumental in protecting your grill from the elements. If you don’t get a cover for your grill, you’ll find it rusting long before the grill stops working. We recommend ordering the exact size cover for your grill right when you order yours to keep it protected. 

Possible Trager Component Failures

While your Trager grill might last 10-15 years, you might find that you need to replace a component or two along the way. For best results in the life of your grill, you should deal with any of the following failures right away. 

Hot Rod Failure

Hot rod failure is the most common part failure in a Traeger grill. This is the part of the grill that lights the pellets in the firepot. 

Because the hot rod is always used when you are using your grill, it can burn out quickly. The average hot rod lasts for only 3-6 years. 

The good news is hot rods are standard issues and easy to replace. If you find that your Trager grill won’t light, try replacing the hot rod. It will only cost about $20. 

Fan Failure

A fan failure on a Traeger grill is very uncommon. And if yours does fail, it likely won’t be in the first years of your grill. 

While this is a more complicated replacement than the hot rod, you can replace your fan for about $30. So, if you’ve replaced the hot rod and your grill still doesn’t work, try the fan next. 

Augur Failure

After a hot rod failure, you are most likely to have an Augur failure. The Augur is the part of the pellet grill that moves the pellets from the hopper to the firepot.  

Augur failures are typically caused by the user leaving pellets in the grill when it rains—causing them to expand and jam the Augur. In some cases, just cleaning your augur is enough to get it working again. 

If you’ve broken your Augur beyond repair, then get your wallet ready because this repair will likely cost you about $100. 

Control Panel Failure

The control panel is the part of your grill that you press buttons on to start it up and get it running. If this fails, well, it might be time for a whole new grill. 

Control panel failures are unusual for Traeger grills, and if they do happen, it will likely be after your grill is more than 10-15 years old. Control panels can be repaired, but these repairs are expensive, sometimes over $200 so it might just be time for a new grill. 

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Do Trager Grills Rust Out?

Like any other metal device stored outdoors, there is a chance that your Trager grill will develop rust. If you use a cover or store your grill inside, this is less likely, but at some point, it may still happen. 

If your Trager grills rusts to the point where parts are breaking and it is falling over, then it is time to acquire a new grill. There is no way to fix a grill that has rusted out. 

Can Trager Grills Explode?

Yes, it is possible for a Trager grill to explode, but it will only do so if there is a user error, or you don’t clean your grill properly. If you follow all directions for using the grill as intended, and clean it after every use, you shouldn’t have to worry about your Trager grill exploding. 

Are Trager Grills Worth It?

Overall, even though Trager grills carry a high price tag, they are well worth the initial cost. If you think about it, because the average Trager grill will last for 10 years (if you take care of it) so divide the purchase price by 10 and ask yourself if it is worth it to have such an amazing grill at that cost per year.

Plus, even if there is a similar, cheaper grill, it likely won’t last as long as a Traeger, meaning you may find yourself grill shopping again in a couple of years when you could’ve just bought the Trager grill of your dreams and be set for the next ten years! 

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