Ca’Lefort 15″ 100-Can Fridge Review

Recently, we added the Ca’Lefort 15″ Beverage Fridge to our garage and have been enjoying chilled drinks ever since. 

Of course, the market for garage beer fridges is saturated with products, but in our opinion, this one is the best of the best! Keep reading to find out why this fridge is at the top of our list! 

My Experience With the Ca’Lefort 15″ Beverage Fridge

Although our household is a bit on the small side (just me and my boyfriend), we do love hosting lots of people. Whether it’s friends, family, or even the neighbors, you can always hear the laughter coming from our backyard. 

But obviously, with hosting large crowds comes lots of responsibility, especially when you consider the cold beer you need to keep on hand. We used to just shove a 24-pack in our fridge, but we were constantly having to refill and it makes it hard to keep a variety of beers on hand. 

All that changed when we got the Ca’Lefort which truly does fit quite a few beers. Let’s look at the details. 

Ca'Lefort 15" 100-Can Beverage Refrigerator

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  • Powerful Compressor: If you need beer to cool down quickly, there isn’t a better compressor than the 0.9Amp one in this fridge. It keeps your beer between 34°-54°F and gets it there within half an hour, meaning no one will know that you forgot their favorite beer and had to make a last-minute run!
  • Front Venting: All the hot air from this fridge vents from the front, meaning it can be installed permanently or set simply in your garage with no need to worry about it overheating due to being set against a wall. 
  • Tempered Glass Door: If you have an outside bar setup, the tempered glass door on this fridge won’t let the sun heat up your beers, while still allowing a see-through view to take a look at how stocked your fridge is without having to open it. 
  • Removable Shelves: While the max capacity is 100 cans, the chrome shelves in this fridge can be moved to fit bottles or any specialty beer jugs you may have picked up. 
  • Smart Touch Panel: You read that right, control all the settings of your fridge with a touch panel, whether you need to change the temperature or turn it off or on. 
  • 3-Color LED Light: Late night parties common? Don’t fret, this fridge has multi-colored LED lights so picking your favorite brew is always a cinch. 
  • Nearly Silent: If you are one of those people who worries about the noise of your fridge interrupting your fun, this is the fridge for you. Producing only 41 decibels of noise, this fridge is almost silent, or at least as silent as a fridge can get! 


It can be hard to find the perfect beverage fridge for your home. Below are the specifications so you can ensure that this fridge is the one for you! 

  • Max Capacity: 100 12-oz cans
  • Fridge Height: 34 Inches
  • Fridge Width: 14.8 inches
  • Fridge Depth: 22.4 inches (with handle 22.41 inches)
  • Material: Stainless steel exterior, chrome interior
  • Amperage Draw: 0.9AMP/110 Volts
  • Filtration?: Yes, Carbon Filter
  • Weight: 70lbs

Ca’Lefort Performance and Build Quality


One of our favorite aspects of this fridge is the easy assembly. The screws for the handle are already in place when it arrives, so all you have to do is grab the handle from the interior and screw it on. Then plug it in and this fridge is ready to go in about 30 minutes. 

This fridge is a bit heavy, so you won’t want to be moving it every day. It took two of us to get it into place, but once it’s there we don’t see a reason to move it so the weight doesn’t really matter! 

We set our Ca’Lefort up for max capacity, which is the three shelves set equally apart to hold 24 cans in each section. The shelves are easy to remove when you need to rearrange for bottles or growlers. 

The door hinge is reversible, meaning you can install this fridge to open the exact direction you want it to! We should additionally mention that the bottom feet are adjustable, allowing you to pick the best height for your beer fridge, this makes it exceptionally easy to install in an outdoor kitchen or event space. 

Construction Materials

We also love the build of this fridge. It looks stylish thanks to the stainless steel exterior and can fit seamlessly with any kitchen decor. It is also easy to wipe off in the case something gets splashed on the surface. This fridge is sturdy, and you can set items on top of it if needed (thanks to the front venting!)

The chrome shelves are also amazing, as they can be pulled out, allowing you to store two types of beer (or more!) on each shelf while keeping them all accessible to guests. The unit itself comes with a one-year warranty, while the shelves have a two-year warranty.

If you’re worried about the compressor dying on you, don’t be, as the compressor alone comes with a three-year warranty–longer than the rest of the unit! 

Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of the Ca’Lefort is a breeze. If a beer can explodes or leaks, you can easily pull out the shelves and wash them in your sink. While it’s a little more difficult to clean the bottom of the unit, with the shelves pulled out we found a damp rag with a little soap does the trick. 

We haven’t yet had to replace the LED bulbs, and when we do, we suspect it might be a little bit of a project. But with the three-year warranty on the compressor, this unit really is maintenance free allowing you to have peace of mind while keeping your beer chilled to perfection. 


So this fridge is advertised as holding 100 beer cans, which is possible if you are a Tetris master and remove them from the shelves with care. We mostly store about 80 cans as it makes us feel a little better when guests slide out the shelves to help themselves.

If you are a bottled beer drinker, it really will depend on the size of the bottles. We find that you can only have 2 sections of bottles, leaving the other two set up for a couple of rows of cans. This allows about 30ish bottles with room for about 8 cans in the two remaining spaces. If you need more space, know that there is also a larger version of this model which holds 220 12-oz cans. 

We don’t recommend using this fridge for wine bottles as you won’t be able to store many with the 4 shelf setup. 


The second best feature of this fridge is its sleek look. We love the stainless steel appearance, including the vent which is below the door. We also like that it is easy to look in and see what beers are available without having to dig around as you would a white fridge. 

The touch panel makes it easy to change the temperature and the lighting. You can leave the lighting on all the time, or you can turn it on just before your guests arrive and turn it off after. You really do have options! 

Final Verdict on the Ca’Lefort 100 Can Beer Fridge

As far as beer fridges go, this one truly is one of the best. It’s durable and fits a lot of beers for its small and nearly silent design. It’s easy to set up and install whether in your garage or on your back patio. If you are looking for a fridge to chill beers quickly, this is definitely the one. 

Everything about this fridge is great, however, if you are a bottled beer drinker, we really recommend going with the larger 210-can version. This one allows for way more bottled beers to be stored. As it is with this one, you probably should stick with canned beers to get the most possible out of your fridge. 

If we didn’t answer all your questions about this fridge, let us know in the comments! 

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