Adam Truhler

I am the resident Patio Daddy-o and outdoor chef for my wife and 5 children! I’ve been grilling for 15+ years and smoking meat for over 7 years. I have butchered and grilled Ribeye and New York Strip steaks and smoked brisket, ribs, pork butt, and sausage for multiple events with 70+ attendees.

I distinctly remember dinner the night we got our first Weber propane grill when I was a kid (a grill we still use 25+ years later!) – beef kabobs with onions and peppers. Delicious! Our family started regularly grilling marinated chicken breasts, burgers, and brats. Everything was amazing. Grilling quickly became a part of my family’s cooking culture. 

Fast forward 15 years.  The Christmas after my wife and I got married she bought me a 3-burner stainless steel Weber Spirit. I spent A LOT of time cooking on that grill.  Burgers, dogs, brats, chicken, my very first brisket, and occasionally steak (we were on a budget). I bought a Rec Tec Stampede in early 2020 and never looked back.

These kids are my biggest joy and greatest blessing!