Chopped or Sliced Brisket: Which is Best for Your BBQ?

The GrillingDad Answer: Both chopped and sliced brisket are delicious, and your decision between the two will depend on your personal preference. Generally, sliced brisket is seen as a little more formal but needs more work, while chopped is easier to serve to a large crowd or in a buffet.

Brisket is a versatile BBQ food and it can be served in a number of different ways. If you’re preparing for a BBQ, you are likely wondering whether you should serve your brisket chopped or sliced.

Read on to find out more about these two brisket serving styles. 

Chopped Brisket vs Sliced Brisket

There are two main ways to serve brisket: chopped or sliced. Both have their advantages, and the choice between the two often comes down to personal preference. 

The Difference Between Chopped and Sliced Brisket

The main difference between chopped and sliced brisket is the way they are cut. Sliced brisket is cut against the grain into thin, uniform slices. Chopped brisket, on the other hand, is cut into small, bite-sized pieces.

Another difference between the two is the part of the brisket that is used. The flat end of the brisket is better for slicing, while the point end is better for chopping.

This is because the flat has a more uniform shape and less fat, making it easier to get even slices. The point, on the other hand, has more fat and an irregular shape, making it harder to slice.

How to Slice Brisket

To slice brisket, you will need a serrated knife and a cutting board. First, identify the direction of the grain by looking for the lines of muscle fibers. Then, place the brisket on the cutting board with the grain running perpendicular to the knife. Slice the brisket against the grain into thin, uniform slices.

Need more help slicing brisket? Head over to our guide How to Slice Brisket

How to Chop Brisket

To chop brisket, you will need a sharp knife and a cutting board. First, identify the direction of the grain and cut the brisket into sections that run perpendicular to the grain. Then, cut each section into small, bite-sized pieces, making sure to cut against the grain.

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Chopped Brisket Recipes

Chopped brisket is perfect for tacos, sandwiches, and other dishes where you want small, bite-sized pieces of meat. Here are a few recipe ideas:

  • Brisket Tacos: Top chopped brisket with diced onions, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime. Serve on warm tortillas.
  • Brisket Sandwiches: Pile chopped brisket on a bun and top with your favorite BBQ sauce and coleslaw.
  • Brisket Hash: Combine chopped brisket with diced potatoes, onions, and peppers. Cook in a skillet until crispy.

Sliced Brisket Recipes

Sliced brisket is great for serving on a platter with sides or in sandwiches. Here are a few recipe ideas:

  • Brisket Platter: Arrange sliced brisket on a platter with baked beans, coleslaw, and cornbread.
  • Brisket Sandwiches: Pile sliced brisket on a bun and top with pickles, onions, and BBQ sauce.
  • Brisket Nachos: Top tortilla chips with sliced brisket, cheese, jalapenos, and sour cream. (Can also be made with chopped brisket!)

Overall, whether you prefer chopped or sliced brisket comes down to personal preference. Both are delicious and can be used in a variety of dishes. Just make sure to slice or chop against the grain for the most tender meat.

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Which is Better: Chopped or Sliced Brisket?

As we have mentioned a few times, the choice really belongs to you and where you plan to serve your brisket. We will say that for a formal indoor dinner, sliced brisket is usually preferred, while chopped brisket is saved for more informal BBQs.

It is also important to note that chopped brisket is easier to serve a large crowd or leave on a buffet table compared to sliced brisket. So if you don’t want to keep slicing as people fill their plates, we recommend chopping your brisket. 

Plus, if you are afraid of running out of food at your event, chopped brisket tends to go a little further than sliced brisket as it is easier for people to portion for themselves (and easier for children to eat half portions rather than a whole slice!)

No matter what you choose, enjoy your delicious brisket dinner!

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