5 BEST Pellet Grills for Searing Steaks

Searing a steak to perfection requires more than just timing and technique; it calls for the right equipment. In a market flooded with pellet grills boasting high temperatures and precision control, picking the best from the rest can feel overwhelming.

The good news? I’ve done the legwork for you. I’ve filtered through the noise to highlight pellet grills that truly excel in searing, ensuring you get a grill worth its salt—without getting burned.

Once you’ve chosen your weapon of choice, getting a perfect sear is quite easy. Here’s how I did it on our #2 choice below, the Blaz’n Grid Iron:

My Ratings of the Best Pellet Grills for Searing

Here are the 5 best pellet grills for searing:

  1. Best Overall: Camp Chef 24 in. WiFi Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker
  2. Best American Made (Overall Runner Up): Blaz’n Grill Works Grid Iron
  3. Best Portable Pellet Grill: Green Mountain Trek
  4. Best High End Pellet Grill: Weber SmokeFire EX4 Wood Fired Pellet Grill
  5. Best Budget Option: Z Grills ZPG-450A Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

Best Pellet Grills for Searing Reviewed

When it comes to choosing the best pellet grill for searing, there are many things to consider including how often you will be using it.

  • Are you the occasional griller looking for a way to sear and grill with little transition time?
  • Will you be grilling for smaller or larger crowds?
  • Do you want the best of the best and budget is not an issue?

Whatever your purpose for adding a pellet grill to your household, you will find a few of the best in this article. These pellet grills are not only the best on the market, but there is a range of prices and features that everyone should be able to find what they are looking for.

If you don’t really care if the unit can sear, check out our guide on the best pellet grills.

Pick #1: Camp Chef 24″ Wifi Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker (Best Overall)

The Camp Chef 24-inch Wifi Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker is an outstanding addition to any grill master’s collection of outdoor cooking equipment.

This grill comes equipped with a sidekick attachment that is designed to sear your meat to perfection.

Camp Chef 24 in. WIFI Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker with Sidekick

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Four meat probes allow you to seal in juices before serving, while a sear box maintains a constant temperature at 900 degrees Fahrenheit for a great searing on beef, poultry, pork, or any other type of meat you desire.

In addition to the high-quality construction features, the heavy gauge cast iron grates is perfect for slow smoking or searing. A PID controller provides automatic temperature regulation, making it easier than ever to enjoy delicious meals outside.

The Bluetooth and WIFI capabilities of this device give you complete control. App features include the ability to store favorite recipes, adjust cooking temperatures from 175 F to 500 F, and monitor food remotely with live meat probes data.

Camp Chef 24-inch WiFi Woodwind Pellet Grill is one of the best pellet grills for searing that you should consider.

A direct flame grilling system from Slide and Grill Technology allows you to grill like a pro at temperatures up to 650°F. 


  • Sear box attachment is easy to use and makes the searing process simple
  • Comes equipped with an ash clean-out system which makes cleaning a snap
  • Has technology that keeps you connected to your grill even when you need to step away
  • Ability to control the temperature to a level that results in perfect meat every time


  • The tendency for the flame to go out occasionally
  • You may need to spritz the meat with water during the searing process
  • Replacement parts or repair may be difficult

Pick #2: Blaz’n Grill Works Grid Iron (Best American Made and Overall Runner Up)

The Blaz’n Grill Works Grid Iron is steak-searing BOSS. It’s almost a bonus that it’s made in the USA. With temps easily climbing north of 530°, you can get the perfect sear on your steaks. Just check out these Silver Fern steaks I cooked last week:

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This pellet grill is made from heavy-gauge steel, so it is heavier and more difficult to move around. However, that sturdiness comes in handy when you are trying to retain the heat for searing (especially if you upgrade to the insulated lid).

With over 700 square inches of cooking space without the Pro Shelves, this pellet grill can be used for the times you plan to feed the masses. Of course, if it is just your family, you should be able to use this grill with ease (even if it’s 9 people big).

Now, the only real disadvantage of this grill is that it requires an upgrade for the searing package, which includes a thicker (12 gauge) steel drip tray, thicker drip cover, hopper-side steel heat shield, and GrillGrate aluminum grates. But upgrading to this package is a lot cheaper than buying a separate gas grill just to hit high temps.


  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy-gauged steel makes the grill more durable and sturdy
  • Spacious design with a front shelf that is super handy
  • Searing is integrated with the grill (instead of side attachment) so no lost space


  • Base model not equipped for searing (requires an upgrade)
  • Heavy overall weight makes maneuvering tricky and there are no handles

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Pick #3: Green Mountain TREK (Best Portable Pellet Grill)

The Green Mountain TREK Pellet Grill is a favorite amongst those who enjoy taking their grill along when they go camping or tailgating. This is because of the smaller than most pellet grills in design and weight.

While this model isn’t as light as the previous model by Green Mountain Grills, it is still one of the best portable pellet grills we’ve ever seen.

Green Mountain Trek Wi-Fi Controlled Portable Wood Pellet Tailgating Grill - Small Smoker Grill for BBQ, Camping, Tailgating, RV

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The TREK weighs about 80 lbs. While this is still quite heavy, it is the lightest, and smallest pellet grill on the list.

Because it is so small, it can easily be packed in the back of a truck for a camping trip or a tailgate. Green Mountain Grills makes a tailgate even easier in this model thanks to alligator clip adapters on the power cord which allows you to hook the grill directly to a car battery.

With a thermal thermometer that allows you to keep watch on the internal temperature, this grill is sure to give your meat the sear and grill quality you expect.  Plus, it has wifi connectivity, allowing you to leave this grill cooking while you walk away, and it will alert you when your food has reached the desired temperature.

While more compact than most, it still has 219 square inches of cooking space to contend with. This means that you can use it for your small family and friend gatherings, which require 4-6 small steaks or burgers to be cooked.

Since searing requires higher heat, the TREK can go anywhere from 150℉ to 500℉ during the cooking process. This means that your meat will get properly seared using this grill.

Read on below for some pros and cons of the Green Mountain TREK Pellet Grill.


  • Somewhat  portable for camping and tailgating
  • Uses less electricity
  • Great for smoking meats
  • Eco-friendly and can burn for a long time on the 9 lb hopper capacity


  • Short legs, needs to be on a truck bed or table to be comfortable to cook on.
  • A bit on the small side

Pick #4: Weber SmokeFire EX4 Wood Fired Pellet Grill (Best High-End Pellet Grill)

In most cases, you cannot get through an article about grills without giving props to the Weber brand. This is because the Weber brand has become synonymous with high-quality and great prices.

Weber SmokeFire EX6 (2nd Gen) Wood Fired Pellet Grill

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This Weber SmokeFire EX4 Wood Fired Pellet Grill is no different in the aspect of quality and durability. An LCD so that you can keep a watch on the progress as well as WiFi connectivity so you can stay connected is vital in outdoor grilling.

The temperature range on this wood-fired pellet gear heats up to temperatures from 200℉ to 600℉. This means that your meats can be seared at the desired temperature as well as grilled to perfection all on the same unit.

The Weber SmokeFire is made from a porcelain enamel that provides strong protection against inclement weather incidents. This feature also prevents any rusting that may occur if left out in the rain.

Clean-up is even easy with this SmokeFire grill since it comes equipped with an ash and grease catcher attachment.

Check out these pros and cons for the Weber SmokeFire EX4 Wood Fired Pellet Grill.


  • The capacity of the pellet hopper is huge 
  • Equipped with flavorizer bars to give the meat a more direct and consistent heat
  • Comes with WiFi connectivity
  • More than 600 square inches of grilling space


  • Pricey
  • Reports of the pellets getting jammed from time to time
  • Not as portable as other pellet grills

Pick #5: Z Grills ZPG-450A Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker (Best on a Budget)

This Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker provides grillers with just under 500 square inches of cooking space which makes for quite a bit of room. It is ideal if you are cooking for friends and family instead of a larger crowd.

Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker 6 in 1 BBQ Grill Auto Temperature Control

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This grill features a temperature range falling between 180℉ to 450℉ which makes it perfect for searing at its highest temperature. This temperature can be controlled by automatic temperature control.

The design of this Z Grill, while sturdy and durable, it also comes equipped with wheels that can make it easy for transporting to various locations. Because of this, the Z Grill is great to take with you on camping trips or even for tailgating.

What makes this grill one of the best is the versatility it provides with the ability to not only sear your meat, but also cook, braise, sear, and much more. These abilities keep you from having to fire up one grill for searing and another for cooking your meats.

The Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker also provides an easy clean-up capability that gives you more time for enjoying a job well done.

Check out these advantages and disadvantages of the Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill:


  • Easily portable
  • Comes equipped with a grease collector so build-up is less
  • Simple to install and set up
  • Temperature control is digital


  • Pellets may need to be checked more often 
  • A smaller cooking area at about 450 square inches
  • The grill handle may cause burns if left on for too long

What is a Searing Pellet Grill Exactly?

A searing pellet grill is a specific type of barbecue grill that utilizes wood pellets as its primary source of fuel. What distinguishes it as a “searing” pellet grill is its ability to reach high temperatures, typically upwards of 500°F (260°C), which allows users to achieve a perfect sear on their meat.

This searing process locks in juices and flavors, giving the meat a crispy exterior while retaining a tender interior.

Most pellet grills are praised for their consistent low-and-slow cooking temperatures, ideal for smoking. However, not all pellet grills are capable of reaching the high temperatures necessary for effective searing. That’s why when someone refers to a “searing pellet grill,” they’re highlighting a grill that can do both: smoke at lower temperatures and sear at high temperatures.

The Basics of How a Pellet Grill Works

Pellet grills produce heat that is generated from wood pellets that work together to cook your food with a robust flavor. These wood pellets are piled into the hopper which then moves through the auger into the fire pot to provide heat to the entire grill.

As the pellets are added to the fire pot, they catch fire as several fans begin to blow the heat and smoke around. This process provides a distinctly woodsy flavor that comes from the wood pellets.

It is important to remember that wood-burning produces a relatively high heat that is used to sear and cook the meat. Electricity is only used to control the fire and manage the temperature so that your meat comes out perfectly seared.

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What to Look for When Buying a Searing Pellet Grill

Similar to other products you plan to purchase, there are several things that you should consider before buying a pellet grill. This is because with so many out there on the market, understanding what to look for can make a huge difference.

Read on to learn more about what features you should consider before buying your next pellet grill.

Cooking Area

The size of the cooking area is important, especially if you plan to entertain larger crowds from time to time. Having a grill that is large enough to feed the masses is much better than having to cook in several shifts.

For crowds that are meant for five or fewer, a cooking space of about 300-400 square inches is plenty. However, if you are planning for more than five guests, you will need to consider a cooking area that is larger than 600 square inches.

Cooking Temperatures

When it comes to searing meat, it is important to ensure that the heat on your grill reaches as high as 500℉ or even higher. This is because the idea of searing is to brown the outside of the meat super fast to pack in the delicious flavor.

For best results, you may want to look for a pellet grill that can reach temperatures closer to 900℉. This will ensure that your meat is properly seared to perfection.

Easy Cleanup

The last thing you want to do when you are grilling is to spend a long time cleaning up afterward. Because of this, you will want to choose the pellet grill that is not only great for searing but also easy to clean up.

This typically means that the grill comes equipped with features that are designed to make it easy to clean. Some of these features include ash control and grease management which are the most difficult things to clean.

Cooking Surface

Many pellet grills come with cast-iron grates which serve several purposes such as offering a non-stick cooking surface. This means that your food will slide off and on easily without leaving a lot of residue behind.

Additionally, the cast-iron grates tend to heat up faster and are great for maintaining heat throughout the grilling process. So, if you are choosing between cast iron and stainless steel, you should always go with the cast iron cooking surface.

Temperature Controls

When you are searing your meat, you want to ensure that the pellet grill is reaching the maximum temperature that is recommended. This will ensure that your food gets seared to perfection every time.

One way to ensure that your food reaches the desired temperature is to make sure your pellet grill has temperature controls that you can change as needed. If you can, getting a grill that has a digital temperature control is the better way to go overall.

Pros and Cons of Pellet Smokers That Can Sear

As with most products, deciding which to purchase can be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you are new to the grilling nation. Before making your decision, you need to weigh the pros and cons and make your decision from there.

Check out these pros and cons of using a pellet grill for searing.


  • Digital temperature controls allow you to keep the temperature steady
  • User friendly
  • Can use for searing, grilling, and smoking all in one machine.


  • They have to be plugged into an electrical outlet
  • Takes longer than other grills to get to the maximum temperature for searing
  • Wood pellets that are left over can go bad
  • The flavor of the meat does not taste as robust as when cooked on a traditional grill

Is Buying a Pellet Grill for Searing Worth it?

Choosing to buy a pellet grill is often a personal choice someone makes on recommendations from another person. Because of this, many people who purchase one may or may not have known about them before.

Although there is much debate about pellet grills not being able to sear properly, most grill enthusiasts agree that buying a pellet grill for searing is well worth the money. This is because they are so versatile and easy to use and clean.

The bottom line is that unless you try one out, it is difficult to determine whether it is something you will enjoy. However, as most people agree, owning a pellet grill and using it for your searing needs is well worth the money you pay for it.

What Type of Pellets Work Best on a Pellet Grill?

When it comes to the various types of pellets that exist to go into your pellet grill, there is a wide variety for you to choose from. Choosing the type that works best for your grill comes down to personal preference and the best practices of others.

Even though choosing the best type of pellets that will work for you can be a chore, it helps to know what the different types are before deciding. In fact, some grillers believe that you should try out the various pellets before you decide on your favorite.

Here are some of the different types of pellets you can use on your pellet grill.

Mesquite Pellets

Mesquite is known to have a stronger smell and flavor which results in meats that are earthy and robust in flavor. It is recommended that you use this type of wood pellets on most red meats as well as fish. 

You will want to avoid this type if you have sensitivities to strong flavors or smells.

Pecan Pellets

If you are looking for something with a slightly milder flavor then pecan pellets may be the best for you. They have a bit of a buttery flavor which is great on red meats such as steak, burgers, and roast.

Applewood Pellets

This type of pellet provides your meat with a mild flavor that has fruity undertones. This gives your meat a bit of a sweet and savory flavor that is enjoyed by many people. 

Use caution when choosing applewood pellets since they are not designed to be used with meats that have a tougher texture. 

Charcoal Pellets

If you want the taste of good old-fashioned barbeque flavor on your favorite cuts of meat, then look no further than the charcoal pellets. These wood pellets are designed from charcoal and provide your meats with a slightly smoky flavor that is often found in charcoal-cooked food.

Want more info on pellets? Read our guide on the best pellets for smoking.

Final Thoughts on These Pellet Grills for Searing

The bottom line on finding the best pellet grill for searing is to make sure you have done your research before you purchase. This is because it can save you a lot of headaches when you get to the store and start combing through the different grills.

If you are searching for a way to sear your meat before or after grilling or smoking it, then one of these pellet grills may be the best investment option you can get. 

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