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Are you ready to make some amazing meals on a griddle, but want to make sure you’re getting the best flat top grill?

You’re in the right place!

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What a flat top grill is
  • How they work
  • The finest flat top grills
  • And much more!
Best Flat Top Grills

Below is a quick list of all our top recommendations. Keep scrolling to learn more about how to choose the best flat top grill!

Blackstone 28" Griddle
  • Restraurant Quality
  • Built To Last A Lifetime
  • 2 Burners For Easy Heat Zones
  • Restraurant Quality
  • Built To Last A Lifetime
  • 2 Burners For Easy Heat Zones
View on Amazon
Camp Chef
  • Comes Preseasoned And Ready To Cook
  • 4 Burners - 12,000 BTUs
  • 2 Large Folding Shelves
  • Comes Preseasoned And Ready To Cook
  • 4 Burners - 12,000 BTUs
  • 2 Large Folding Shelves
View on Amazon
CUISINART Flat Top Grill
  • Small and Extremely Portable
  • Easy Assembly
  • Convenient Prep Table
  • Small and Extremely Portable
  • Easy Assembly
  • Convenient Prep Table
View on Amazon

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Our top pick is the 28″ Blackstone Flat Top Griddle because they produce the best quality flat top grills that will last a lifetime.

Whether you want a portable griddle or a larger model for home use, Blackstone won’t let you down no matter which model you choose.

Demand is high for Blackstone Grills, so get your hands on your favorite model and have it shipped to your doorstep from Amazon today.

Table of Contents

Flat top grills are popular among grill enthusiasts since you can cook so many different foods, and multiple foods at the same time!

If you’re an aspiring grill master, a flat top gas grill is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

By the way, if you’re wondering if there is a difference between a flat top grill vs a griddle, there is no difference. They are the same but different people call them different things!

Personally, I use the terms interchangeably but I call my smaller, indoor griddle the griddle and my outdoor griddle my flat top grill.

I hope that is as clear as mud!

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Our Top 5 Flat Top Grills

  1. Blackstone
  2. Camp Chef
  3. Cuisinart
Top Flat Top Grill Facts

What Are Flat Top Grills?

Flat top grills are grills with griddle tops. They use the same heat source as grills, either charcoal, gas, or electricity.

Flat top grills allow you to cook anything, from steaks and burgers to grilled vegetables and even pancakes.

Where you might get uneven heat distribution from the flames on a regular grill, flat top grills heat the cooking area evenly.

They are becoming extremely popular to use as outdoor cooking during those fun camping trips. 

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What Are the Different Types of Flat Top Grills?

There are several types of flat top grills on the market.

Some are full-size, restaurant grade grill units, while others are much smaller and allow for tabletop grilling.

Full Size Flat Top Grills

If you do not plan on grilling on the go, full-size flat top grills are the way to go. They are larger and harder to pack up, but typically offer a larger grilling surface.

These will often come with a side table, stainless steel burners, cast iron griddle top, and an easy to clean grease management system. 

Tabletop Flat Top Grills

Tabletop flat top grills are portable grills you can take with you on the go. They will sit on a table, counter, or whatever flat, sturdy surface you have available so you can grill on the go.

Aside from the size and portability differences between tabletop and full size flat top grills, they also vary in their heat source.

  • Gas: Gas is the most commonly used heat source for flat top grills since it allows for temperature control while cooking
  • Charcoal: Charcoal offers something gas grills cannot, and that is adding smoke to the mix while cooking. The smoke gives the food that charbroiled taste many people love. This is uncommon for griddles, but they do exist!
  • Electric: You can even find flat top grills that use electricity as a heat source. Electric grills heat up quicker than the others, but you will not get that authentic grilled taste.

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How Do Flat Top Grills Work?

Flat top grills work similarly to regular grills.

Since flat top grills often have several burners, you can set each burner individually for what you will be cooking.

The flat top grill uses the heat source to evenly heat up the burners so you can begin cooking your food.

What Do You Look for In The Best Flat Top Grill?

There are a few things to consider when you are looking for the best flat top grill.

Cooking Area

If you are only going to be cooking for a small family, you will not need one of the larger flat top grills.

If you intend to entertain guests and have large get togethers, a smaller flat top grill may make your job harder.

Determine the size you will need for what you plan to do with the flat top grill and go from there.


Some flat top grills come pre-seasoned while others do not. This is an important factor when considering the best flat top grill.

Seasoning is not a difficult process, but you will want to know ahead of time whether it is something you will have to do when you get your new flat top grill.


Perhaps the most important thing to consider when you are looking for the best flat top grill is the price.

Some of the larger grills can get pretty expensive and might not fit your budget.

However, there are flat top grills for every price range!

flat top grill with breakfast cooking
Photo by CampChef

Our Reviews Of The Top 3 Flat Top Grills

Blackstone’s 28″ Flat Top Griddle is perfect for everyday use and can be used for every meal. 

Not only is the flat top thick, durable steel, the body is also made built to last a lifetime.

The 470 square inches of cooking space offers plenty of room for cooking a big meal or several different foods at the same time.

With high-quality wheels and all of the parts being steel, this is very easy to move around the yard without worrying about it falling apart.

There are two independently controlled stainless steel burners. Each of these puts out an impressive 15,000 BTUs. That’s a total of 30,000 BTUs in this unit.

It comes with a nice spot dedicated for your 20lb propane tank (sold separately). This helps keep it snug and safely tucked away from kids, dogs, and anyone walking by.

The storage shelf on the bottom comes in handy. I use it to store all of the cleaning and cooking tools. 

If you want a bigger model with more cooking space and a few more bells and whistles, Blackstone also offers a 36″ model. It has a second side-shelf with a built-in cutting board as well. 

Lastly, if you need a more portable unit, Blackstone makes those too. Their 17″ model is great for tailgating!


  • Restraurant Quality
  • Built To Last A Lifetime
  • 2 Massive Burners For Easy Heat Zones


  • Don’t forget you have to buy the propane tank separately
  • It’s 134 pounds, so you may need help assembling it

If you want a flat top grill to replace your current grill, this is it.

This Camp Chef flat top grill offers a griddle top as well as grilling grates so you can have the best of both worlds.

Four 12,000 BTU burners allow you to cook several things while maintaining temperature control individually. That’s a total of 48,000 BTUs.

If you need extra storage space while cooking, this flat top grill has two shelves you can fold down or put up as needed.

The 2 shelves underneath are very convenient for storing your cleaning and cooking tools as well.

This Camp Chef model a massive 604 sq inches of cooking space.



  • Restraurant Quality
  • Built To Last A Lifetime
  • 2 Massive Burners For Easy Heat Zones


  • Don’t forget you have to buy the propane tank separately
  • It’s pricier than competitors because of the added features.

If you’re looking for a high-quality flat top grill for small spaces, this is it. 

This round flat top grill offers 2 burners for individual cooking. Each one offering 15,000 BTUs for a total of 30,000 BTUs in this unit.

It has a folding table built-in that includes a paper towel holder, so your prep work can be done easier.

Cuisinart also includes a stainless-steel lid with vents so you can even steam your food!

Perhaps the best part about this grill is its size. If you are limited on space, this is much smaller than the other flat top grills mentioned.

If you like the 360º design, but want something a little bigger, they have a larger model as well


  • Small and Extremely Portable
  • Easy Assembly
  • Convenient Prep Table


  • Don’t forget you have to buy the propane tank separately
  • The cook top is durable, but the body is prone to getting a few dents.

Final Thoughts On Buying A Flat Top Grill

Blackstone comes in with the best flat top grills available.

No matter which flat top grill you choose, though, you are sure to enjoy its versatility and ease of use. I use mine several times every week!

A few quick tips:

  • When cooking foods outdoors, always keep an eye on the internal temp. The last thing you’d want is to get yourself or someone else sick. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help when assembling the unit. A thrown-out back takes the fun out of a new grill real quick!

After your new flat top grill arrives, what is the first thing you’re going to cook?

Let us know in the comments below.

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