When Do Weber Grills Go On Sale? (Discounts, Deals, and More! )

You’ve decided you want a Weber grill, which is a great choice, but they’re a little bit expensive. So when do Weber grills go on sale?

In this TheGrillingDad.com guide, you will learn:

  • When Weber grills go on sale
  • Tips for purchasing a Weber grill
  • And much more!

When Do Weber Grills Go on Sale?

Weber is one of the biggest brands in grills. Known for their impeccable quality and amazing performance, it’s understandable that you would want to purchase one of their grills. 

But their grills can also be expensive, so it makes sense that you would want to watch for a sale. Weber grills, because of their high quality, don’t go on sale very often, but they do have sales from time to time. 

In general, Weber grills go on sale about every other year, usually during the springtime, when the company is introducing its new grill models. Even then, it is more likely you will find a deal from a retailer rather than the Weber company itself. 

Additionally, many of these sales aren’t advertised, meaning you need to watch for them carefully in advance, then go check up on them in person. Otherwise, you could miss out on a great deal. 

Luckily, we’ve got some tips to help you find a great deal on a Weber grill. Read on to learn more. 

How Do You Know When Weber Grills Will Go On Sale?

Unfortunately, there is no way to 100% know when Weber grills will go on sale. But one thing you can do is sign up for announcements from the Weber website

While they won’t likely announce a sale, what they will do is announce their new lines of grills. When you see the email in your inbox that Weber is releasing a new grill, this could be an indication that the big box retailers near your home may be trying to get rid of their stock. 

You can also sign up for notifications from the big box retailers. Chances are they won’t send an email stating that grills are on sale, but if you see anything about patio furniture or appliances on sale, this could be a signal that grills are on sale as well. 

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Weber Discounts on Amazon

Another great way to save money on a Weber grill is to watch for discounts on Amazon. Because of their unique business model, you can find Amazon discounts on Weber grills at any time of the year.

The best way to find an Amazon discount on a Weber grill is to check the site every day, as there is no guarantee that Amazon will email you when there is a discount, but signing up for Amazon sale emails may help notify you when Amazon is running large sales on similar products. 

You should also check Amazon in the springtime when the new models are released on the Weber website, as they too may be looking to lower their stock or order to make space for the new models.

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Large Discounts on Weber Grills

While we have mentioned specific sales and discounts in this article, know that there is not likely to be some steal of a deal like 30% off Weber grills. Weber grills are made with quality materials that cost money, and typically the company has set prices that it requires its retailers to charge for them.

This prevents retailers from attracting buyers over other retailers, meaning a Weber grill at one big box retailer will not be any cheaper than another. This is good news for you, as it means you don’t need to stop at multiple stores to find the best Weber grill deal. 

But it is also bad news, as even if you do wait for the Weber sale, you may find that the sale is only 10%, or less, of a discount off the full price. Therefore if you truly want a certain type of Weber grill because you currently don’t have a grill or yours is broken, waiting for the sale may not be worth it for you. 

Especially considering that not all stores are required to run clearance sales even when the new grills are released (Weber leaves this up to the retailer), so you may find that you waited just to pay the same price for the grill you wanted in the first place. 

If you are looking to upgrade your current grill, which is still functioning, for now, it is likely worth it to hold off for the chance that you may be able to snag a Weber grill for a nice discount. 

But also keep in mind that when you are shopping for Weber grills at a discount, these will be the discontinued models, likely already a year or so old. You may also not have your choice in model, missing out on some of the features you might have wanted your Weber grill to have.

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Other Ways to Save Money on a Weber Grill

Believe it or not, waiting for a discount or sale isn’t the only way to get a Weber grill for cheaper than the sticker price. You can also do the following. 

Look for Scratch and Dent Opportunities

Sometimes, when a grill is in transit, it gets slightly dented or scratched. The result is a grill that still works fine, but the company can’t sell it for full price.

The discount you will find on scratch and dent opportunities will vary but some grills are marked down as much as 40% due to cosmetic errors. Just keep in mind that your Weber grill is built to last, meaning if there is an ugly dent on it, you will have to look at it for the next 10 years. Of course that may not matter to you when getting a top of the line grill for a fraction of the price! 

You can ask for these deals at places like Lowes and Home Depot. These models aren’t usually sitting out with the rest of the grills so you will need to ask if you are interested. 

Second Hand

Personally, we never recommend purchasing a second hand grill. This is because you can’t guarantee the person before you took good care of it and you may be purchasing a grill that will die within a year or two. 

That being said, if you truly want a Weber grill even cheaper than the sale price, it is worthwhile to look at second hand stores (or even craigslist) for a second hand Weber grill that someone is trying to sell. Just be sure you try it before you buy it to make sure it works!

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Tips for Purchasing a Weber Grill

No matter how you decide to acquire your Weber Grill, here are some tips to keep in mind as your purchase! 

Buy the Right Size Grill

Weber has some amazing large grills, as well as some smaller models. When you are shopping for a sale, you might see a giant grill with a deep discount. But, before you buy, ensure you have space for the grill because the last thing you want is a grill that won’t fit on your patio!

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Buy a Grill That Will Last Your Lifestyle

The Weber brand is built to last 3-10 years, no matter what grill you choose. This means you need to spend your money on a grill that will last you for 10 years. For example, it may just be you and your significant other now, but you may be planning to add some children to your family in a few years. 

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In this case, it’s better to buy a larger grill that you can use to feed the family you want to have rather than buying the small, two person grill, and needing to upgrade in a year or two. 

Power Supply

Weber has many different types of grills, from those that take charcoal, to others which use gas. Before you buy your Weber grill, ensure you are getting one that requires the fuel you want to use. Otherwise, you might find yourself frustrated trying to learn how to light charcoal when you would much rather turn a dial on a gas grill. 

Don’t Hold Back

At the end of the day, choosing a grill is a bit like choosing a new member of your family. You want one that you will love. If you are in the store, and you see a Weber grill with a 30% discount that you don’t necessarily love next to one you do with only a 10% discount, know that you will be happier in the long run choosing the more expensive and less discounted grill. 

Final Thoughts on When Do Weber Grills Go On Sale

Overall, it can be difficult to predict when Weber grills will go on sale and how much of a discount you can expect to see. The best way to predict these sales is to sign up for notification emails of new products. 

Even then, it is not guaranteed the Weber grill of your dreams will be available at a deep discount. Instead, you should do your research to find the grill that will serve you for years to come even if you need to pay full price for it.

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