How To Cook Steak On A Griddle (7 Easy Steps)

Are you wanting to cook the perfect steak on your griddle? 

Then you’re in the right place!

Because in this guide, you’ll learn: 

  • Step by step instructions for cooking steak on a griddle
  • What you need to make it happen
  • Safety tips
  • And More!

Steak is a staple in our house. I use a few different methods when cooking them. 

Sometimes it’s a reverse sear using a smoker and a grill. Other times it’s on a charcoal grill. 

But here lately, it’s been all about cooking a perfect steak on the griddle. 

What Do You Need To Know About Cooking Steak on a Griddle?

  • Season It
  • Let It Get To Room Temp
  • Make Sure It’s Dry
  • Trim Some Fat

Using a griddle is one of the best ways to create the perfect steak at home.

But besides getting the perfect cut and the right equipment, there are several tips and tricks I use whenever I make my steak on a griddle.

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When cooking steak, seasoning is always important. Brushing the meat lightly on both sides with olive oil and adding a sprinkle of salt and pepper can do wonders.

For additional flavors, adding spices, such as paprika, chili powder, or garlic powder works well.

The temperature of your meat after taking it out of the fridge can also influence its taste.

Since most refrigerators keep meat at about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, I always let the meat rest at room temperature for about 30 to 45 minutes before cooking it to achieve my desired doneness.

Besides temperature, I also factor in the meat’s dryness.

To enjoy a beautifully browned steak, I make sure that the meat is extremely dry before cooking.

To achieve this, I wrap the meat in two layers of paper towels for at least two minutes before cooking it. After blotting both sides, my steak is ready to hit the griddle.

I also trim the fat around the meat before cooking it. I cut the fat to about a ¼ inch of thickness or remove it altogether. Doing this doesn’t sacrifice the flavor of my steak.

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steak fact

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Supplies You’ll Need for Cooking Steak on a Griddle?

  • A griddle
  • A pair of tongs
  • Meat thermometers
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paper towel
  • Timers (egg timers and built-in timers on mobile phones will do)
  • 8-10 oz strip steak (or more when cooking for more people)
  • Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
  • Vegetable, olive, or sunflower oil
  • Garlic powder, fresh peppers, or ground paprika

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How To Cook Steak on a Griddle (7 Easy Steps)

  1. Let The Steak Get To Room Temp
  2. Season It
  3. Pre-Heat The Griddle
  4. Place The Meat On The Griddle
  5. Flip It
  6. Remove The Steak and Rest
  7. Eat Up!

Step 1: Let The Steak Get To Room Temp

Remove the steak from the refrigerator for at least 45 minutes before cooking it.

The steak will cook better and absorb more flavor from the spices.

Step 2: Season It

Sprinkle both surfaces of the meat with a little salt and pepper for basic seasoning.

We can also add more spices, like fresh peppers, garlic powder, or ground paprika during this step.

My steak, personally, always has a lot more seasoning than my wife or kids do. That’s what’s great about seasoning each steak individually.

Step 3: Pre-Heat The Griddle

Heat the griddle to medium-high heat and add oil.

This is the ideal temperature to produce a steak that is both appealing and flavorful.

A griddle that’s too hot will burn the outside of the meat and will leave the insides raw. 

If you don’t already have one, check out our guide on the best Blackstone griddles.

Step 4: Place The Meat On The Griddle

Add the meat to the griddle and let the first side cook for about three minutes.

Adding butter to the griddle is a great option since butter can make the meat softer and more flavorful.

Step 5: Flip It

Continue to cook the meat on the other side, flipping it using a pair of tongs.

Insert a meat thermometer deep into the center of the steak to see if it’s the right doneness.

If it measures 145 degrees Fahrenheit, the steak is medium-rare. 

Step 6: Remove The Steak and Rest

After achieving the right doneness, remove the steak from the griddle.

Let the steak rest for about ten minutes to allow the juices to redistribute and prevent overcooking the meat.

The residual heat will still continue to cook the steak after it is removed from the griddle.

Step 7: Eat Up!

After letting it rest, plate it with favorite side dishes, and serve.

Then it’s time to get the griddle clean for your next steak.

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Final Thoughts On Steaks On The Griddle

Steaks are delicious and hearty meals that will satisfy any palate. However, cooking one with a griddle isn’t always easy.

You’ll need to make sure you don’t overcook your meat or leave it raw

The last thing you want is for a well-thought meal to turn into food poisoning

Merely having a well-functioning griddle isn’t enough to produce a perfect steak.

Following certain steps is important, though, if you want to achieve your perfect steak.

In the past, I’ve struggled to cook a steak on a griddle, but now, it’s easy. If you want to achieve your perfect steak, use my recipe as a guide.

If I can cook the best steak on a griddle with the right ingredients and technique, so can you.

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