Perfectly Toasted Hamburger Buns: Mastering the Art of Bun Prep

Looking to make the perfect burger? Then you can’t overlook the importance of toasting your buns.

Not only does it add a delicious crunch, but it also helps prevent your toppings from making your buns soggy – and nobody likes a soggy bun, except for maybe the birds. So, grab your spatula, and let’s get to toasting those buns!

Why Should I Toast Hamburger Buns?

You may be wondering what the purpose of toasting a hamburger bun is, and the answer is simple–toasted buns are better!

Toasting a hamburger bun makes it crisp and gives it much more flavor than when the buns are eaten raw. Plus, toasting hamburger buns helps to freshen them a bit, just in case yours are looking a little stale!

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What Are the Best Buns for Burgers?

There are so many delicious types of hamburger buns out there, and the best one will depend on your taste and flavor preferences. Brioche and sesame seed buns are the most common (and, in our opinion, best) buns for hamburgers. 

Some other options include

  • Ciabatta
  • Onion Roll
  • Potato Roll
  • Pretzel Roll

How to Toast Hamburger Buns (3 Easy Methods)

Toasted Hamburger Bun Ingredients:

  • Buns of your choice
  • Butter or Margarine

How to Toast Hamburger Buns on the Grill

Step 1: For toasted buns on the grill, simply spread a little bit of butter on the flat side of each bun and then place them cut-side down on your grill. 

Step 2: Wait 10 seconds and remove and serve immediately. 

How to Toast Hamburger Buns in the Oven

Step 1: Turn your broiler on

Step 2: Spread butter on the flat side of the buns and place them on a cookie sheet cut side up.

Step 3: Place the pan in the oven for about 30 seconds. 

Step 4: Remove and Serve

How to Toast Hamburger Buns on the Stove

Step 1: Melt butter on a skillet on your stove, coating the entire pan.

Step 2: Put the cut buns on the pan, cut side down.

Step 3: Wait 30 seconds and remove and serve

As you can see, it is super easy to toast your buns, especially if you are already making burgers! There is no reason not to do it! 

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Toasted Bun Variations and Tips

  • Instead of using butter, you can use bacon grease to give your buns a heartier flavor
  • Those who want to be heart-healthy can replace the butter with olive oil
  • Feel free to add a little salt and crushed pepper to your butter before spreading it on the buns. 
  • Swap the butter for duck fat, you won’t regret it!

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How to Store Toasted Hamburger Buns

Sadly, as delicious as toasted hamburger buns are, they won’t save. Take the time to only make the hamburger buns you will consume now. Remember, you can always toast some more later, but you can’t un-toast hamburger buns. 

What to Do With Leftover Toasted Hamburger Buns

Did you already make too many? Don’t panic. Leftover hamburger buns make delicious croutons. Simply cut up the extras, place them in an oven pan with butter, salt, and garlic powder, and roast. Allow them to cool, and then serve them with your favorite salad. 

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How to Toast Hamburger Buns FAQs

Can You Toast Hamburger Buns with Mayo on them?

Surprisingly, mayo works just the same as butter does, so spread a little on your buns, then toast them using your desired method. Just be careful not to add too much! (You can add extra after the toasting process is complete).

What is the Best Way to Toast Hamburger Buns?

The best way to toast hamburger buns depends on how you cook your burgers, as these processes should match! For example, if you plan to grill your burgers, then toast your buns on the grill as well. It will ensure the flavor of the burger and bun complement each other. 

Can You Toast Buns in Advance?

Unfortunately, toasted buns are only good when they are made fresh just before serving the burgers. We recommend making them right as you take your burgers off the grill to rest. It only takes 10 seconds!

What Type of Hamburger Buns are Best for Toasting?

The best hamburger buns for toasting are brioche buns. They heat up to a crispy temperature, and the middle tastes buttery–you can’t get any better than that!

Is It Possible to Toast Buns in a Toaster?

Absolutely, if you don’t have an oven, stove, or grill, just slip your buns in the toasted for 30 seconds. We prefer not to use this method since you can only toast a couple of buns at a time, so it isn’t very efficient. 

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