5 Best Knives for Cutting Raw Meat (2023 Review)

If you’re looking for a knife that can cut raw meat safely, you’re in the right place!

In this TheGrillingDad.com guide, you’ll learn:

  • What the best knives for cutting raw meat are
  • How to choose the right  knife for you
  • And much more!

Top Knives for Cutting Raw Meat

Here are the best knives for cutting raw meat:

  1. Hast 8” Chef Knife (Best Overall)
  2. Wusthof Classic 10” Cook’s Knife (Best High-End)
  3. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife, 8” (Most Affordable)
  4. Dexter-Russell 9” Heavy Duty Cleaver (Best for Thicker Meats)
  5. Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8” (Best for Sharpness)

Best Knives for Cutting Raw Meat Reviewed

Choosing the best knife for cutting raw meat means considering various factors before you decide on the one that is best suited for your kitchen. 

  • What type of raw meat will you be cutting?
  • What is your budget for the best knife?
  • How often will you be using the knife?

Whatever meat you plan to cut with your new knife or budget, you will find many options to choose from in this article. Whether you are looking for something on the high-end of the spectrum or one that is more affordable, keep reading to learn more.

Pick #1: Hast 8” Chef Knife

(Best Overall)

When it comes to a knife that is so versatile that it can cut through your basic fruits and vegetables but is also able to tackle thick cuts of raw meat, look no further than the Hast 8” Chef Knife.

This is because this knife is well-known for being able to handle everything.

Hast Chef Knife

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With its minimalist design and blade that is Japanese styled, this knife is not only able to tackle the toughest of meats but is also aesthetically pleasing. Made from matrix powder steel, this knife is both lightweight and durable.

The Hast Chef Knife is rated the best overall for many reasons including the comfortable ergonomic handle that can be used for the long haul. This knife is also rated superior as being one of the sharpest and most balanced.

When it comes to keeping this knife clean and in perfect working condition, the minimalist design means that there are no crevices that need to be cleaned out. In addition, the Titanium coating creates a barrier to keep certain bacteria from sticking to the blade.

One of the great things about the Hast brand is that they back their products with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you do not like the knife for any reason, you can send it back for a full refund.


  • Minimalist design 
  • Easy to clean
  • Sharp blade
  • Titanium coating
  • Money back guarantee


  • The black finish option wears out after a while
  • Too lightweight for some purposes

Pick #2: Wusthof Classic 10” Cook’s Knife

(Best High-End)

Wusthof Classic 10-Inch Cook's Knife
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The Wusthof brand is one that screams high-quality from every product they have developed for the kitchen.

The quality is something that shows from the design to the durability of each knife they have developed.

The comfortable design of the handle makes it easy to hold onto and use for extended periods without your hand getting sore. This particular knife has a slight curve in the handle which makes it even more comfortable.

This Wusthof Cook’s Knife, with its longer blade, may not be well-suited for someone just beginning their journey in the kitchen. However, it is made perfectly for those who have more experience with cutting various things, especially raw meat.

This knife is our pick for the Best High-End due to its current price being closer to the $200 mark in most markets. Keep in mind that even though it is expensive, you are getting a high-quality tool that you will use for years to come.

Made from forged steel, the Classic Cook’s Knife by Wusthof was developed to be one of the most durable knives on the market. The mini serrations on the blade that intensify the power and the ability to resist normal wear and tear, makes this knife a must-have in the kitchen.


  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle
  • Forged steel that is high-quality
  • Longer than most for more versatility
  • Sharp blade


  • Challenging for beginners

Pick #3: Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife-8”

(Most Affordable)

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife, 8-Inch
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The Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife has many of the qualities that people look for in a knife that will be used for cutting raw meat at a fraction of the cost. This knife does a great job of cutting through even thicker cuts of meat with ease.

The ergonomic handle makes it much easier to use for longer periods without being uncomfortable. Not only is the handle comfortable, but it is also extremely firm, which means that you will get the power you need to push through even tougher cuts.

The Victorinox brand is well-known for quality products that are affordable for many home chefs. Because of this, many who are just starting with their cooking adventures can invest in this knife to practice before making the jump to more expensive knives.

Although this knife may need to be sharpened regularly, it has a sharp blade that can cut through thick and tougher meat in half the time. The blade of the knife is made from Swiss Stainless Steel and measures to be about 7.9 inches long.


  • Affordable 
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extremely sharp
  • Lightweight European steel


  • Does not come with a sheath
  • Needs to be sharpened frequently

Pick #4: Dexter-Russell Traditional (08240) 9” Heavy Duty Cleaver

(Best For Thicker Meats)

Dexter-Russell Traditional
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While the Dexter-Russell Traditional is technically a cleaver instead of your standard Chef’s knife, it still cuts our list of best knives for cutting raw meat.

This is because when it comes to thicker meats, you cannot do any better than a cleaver.

Cleavers are often found in professional kitchens around the world but are not often found in home kitchens. While this is true, many people value the quality that the cleaver provides while cutting raw meat.

Most people know that for cutting through bone and joints, the cleaver is probably the best choice. However, the cleaver is also great when you are cutting raw meat that is thicker or harder to cut.

This particular cleaver, the Dexter-Russell, is designed with the home chef in mind with its smaller design that fits right into your knife drawer or can even hang near your food prep area. Keep in mind that while the design is smaller, the blade is still larger like most cleavers.

Many people love the rosewood handle that this cleaver comes equipped with since it adds an attractive feel to the knife. Additionally, the rosewood is not smooth like other finishes which means that you are likely to get a better grip on the handle.


  • Beautiful Rosewood handle
  • Ergonomic design
  • Made from heavy-duty steel
  • Easy to store in the drawer or hung up


  • Not as versatile as other knives
  • Not as suitable for smaller spaces

Pick #5: Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8”

(Best for Sharpness)

Zelite Infinity Damascus Chef Knife 8 Inch
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06/13/2024 03:47 am GMT

This Japanese, carbon steel chef knife is made perfectly for cutting almost anything including any raw meat you may need to cut.

With its 8” blade, you can use this knife for even thicker cuts of meat.

It is important to note that this chef knife made by Zelite, is better suited to those who are more experienced in the kitchen. This is because it has both a larger blade and one that is known for its extreme sharpness.

Since the knife is made with hybrid steel to create the blades, it is much easier to handle and needs to be sharpened less. In addition to the sharp blades making it easier to handle, it also creates a seamless cutting experience with your raw meats.

Zelite has really outdone themselves with this chef knife since it is made with an extremely attractive design and simple design of handle. In fact, they even back their knives up with a lifetime warranty, which means that at any point in time you can call on them to get a refund or an exchange.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Extremely sharp blade
  • Cutting takes little effort
  • Easy cleaning and care


  • Not suitable for everyone
  • More expensive than other chef’s knives

Why Do You Need a Specific Knife to Cut Raw Meat?

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to cutting raw meat is that having a specific knife can help cut the time it takes quite a bit. In addition, using the right knife helps you to keep safety at the forefront of your mind.

One of the top concerns most professional and at-home chefs express when they are cutting raw meat is how dangerous it can be. This is because raw meat typically has a wet and slippery texture that can move around when you are cutting.

Additionally, if you have ever tried to cut raw meat with a dull knife, then you know that the task is almost impossible. You will end up sawing continuously at the meat with little progress for much longer than you should.

Having a quality knife means that you can reduce the amount of time it takes to cut your raw meat so you can get on with the task of cooking. Reducing the time and the danger can save you a lot of time and frustration.

The Basics of Using a Knife to Cut Raw Meat

While cutting raw meat is not rocket science, it does require a degree of knowledge and instruction, especially if you have never done it before. This is typically because when meat is raw, it is not as firm or stable enough to cut accurately.

There are a few tips that you should keep in mind when you are learning to cut raw meat:

  • Start slowly
  • Be sure your knife is sharp
  • Using a cutting board
  • Keep a watch on your fingers
  • Use recommended safety precautions

While this is not an exhaustive list, it gives you an idea of what you may be facing when it comes to cutting raw meat. You should always use precautions to ensure you are not cutting yourself.

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What to Look for When Purchasing a Knife to Cut Raw Meat

When you begin your search to find the perfect knife to cut raw meat, there are certain things you should keep in mind. Many of these recommendations come from professional chefs and other experienced home chefs.

What is the Blade Made From?

Finding the best knife for cutting raw meat means that you want something that is going to be able to handle the job safely and durably. This means taking into consideration what the blade is made from since the materials can vary.

Keep in mind that if you are on a budget, you can certainly purchase something that is lower cost, however, it will likely be made with low-quality metals. This means that it is likely not as durable as other higher-quality knives would be.

How is the Knife Shaped?

The shape of your knife can determine what type of foods you can cut and still keep the quality of the knife intact. Certain knives are better suited for fruits and vegetables and others are better for meat and bones. 

The shape of the knife will either help or hinder your ability to cut effectively and efficiently as you are working in the kitchen. The shape of a chef’s knife is likely the most versatile since it can cut through either large or smaller types of meat.

Although many people like the chef’s knife for cutting raw meat, others believe that the butcher’s knife is the way to go if you have to choose between the two. This is because the butcher knife is designed to cut both raw meat and bone.

Pros and Cons of Knives that Cut Raw Meat

As you are attempting to purchase a knife that will help you to cut through raw meat, it is important to ensure you know the advantages and disadvantages. Since there are so many knives available and a wide variety of recommendations for the right knife, pros and cons can help you decide on the best.


When it comes to looking for a knife that is better suited to cutting raw meat, there are several things you should keep in mind. These factors include safety concerns and the quality of cuts you can make.

As stated previously, safety is often a concern when you are cutting raw meat since it is more flexible and slimy. This means that while using the right knife cannot change how the meat feels, it can go a long way to making the job a lot easier and more efficient.

In addition, when you are cutting raw meat, if you do not have a super sharp knife, you will be just hacking away at it. Using the right knife ensures that you have evenly cut meat for your grilling or cooking experiences.


One of the biggest disadvantages of purchasing a knife that is specific to cutting raw meat is that you may not be able to use it for other foods. This is especially true if the knife is made to use only on raw meats.

While chef knives are more versatile, if you choose to purchase a cleaver or a knife that is designed only for certain purposes, you may not get your money’s worth.

Is Buying a High-Quality Knife for Cutting Raw Meat Worth It?

At the end of the day, buying a high-quality knife for cutting raw meat is worth it if you are going to be using it often. This means that if you are a griller, and you need to cut your various meat products, then having a great knife will be worth the money you pay for it.

Keep in mind that some of these knives are more expensive than others and each has its pros and cons. The bottom line is that you have to decide whether or not you want to spend the money on a higher-end knife or one that is high-quality but affordable.

If your budget is limited, you should purchase one of the knives that are still great for cutting raw meat, but that will fit your budget. This is especially true if you do not use the knife as often as others may.

Final Thoughts on the Best Knives for Cutting Raw Meat

The bottom line on the best knives for cutting raw meat is that there are many choices out there on the market that will suit your needs. The one you choose has to fit both your needs and what you can afford to pay.

If you are a beginner in the kitchen, keep in mind that you may not want to start with a knife that is recommended for skilled chefs. No matter what your experience level is, you should always research knives that will be better for you and your situation.

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