18 Fantastic Grilling Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day (Not Another Mug)

Does your dad love to grill? Then don’t get him another mug or t-shirt that says “#1 Dad” (even if it’s true).

Instead, get a grilling-related gift for him this Father’s Day. To help you out, we’ve put together this list of some of our favorite grilling gifts within a wide variety of budgets to ensure you can find the best gift for your father!

So, without further ado, here are our top 18 best Father’s Day grilling gifts for Dad!

Gifts Under $50

1. Grilling Tool Set

BBQGuys Signature 5-Piece Stainless Steel Grilling Set
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A grilling tool set is an easy gift, whether you are looking for something for your dad, your husband, or even your grandfather. 

We especially love this 5-piece signature tool set from BBQ Guys, which comes with a handy case to make wrapping and staying organized easy. It’s got everything you need to get started and makes an excellent upgrade for anyone with an older set that needs replacing. 

2. Bristle Free Grill Brush

Best Overall Grill Brush
Grill Rescue Grill Brush, Bristle Free
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06/11/2024 03:27 am GMT

One of the most important parts of owning and maintaining a grill is ensuring that you do so safely! Our top grill safety tip is swapping a bristled brush for a bristle-free one. A bristle-free grill brush is cleaner, safer, and actually easier to use. 

While you can check out the full range of bristle-less brushes in our 5 Best Grill Brushes for Safer Cooking and Eating, we highly recommend the Grill Rescue brush which makes an excellent gift for Dad. They’re super effective and easy to use! 

3. Drip EZ BBQ Prep Tub

The Drip EZ BBQ Prep Tub is a must for any father who likes to grill or smoke meat. We’ve been using these tubs for the last few months, and they are game-changers for prep and clean-up! It easily fits a pork shoulder or rack of ribs and keeps the messes contained.

The best part is that this tub is collapsible, so when it isn’t in use, it can be tucked away easily on a shelf or in a BBQ tool bin. We like the bright orange bin best, but there is also a black version available!

4. Grill Light

Permasteel PA-12002-AM Flexible Gooseneck LED Light
  • Convenient and user-friendly
  • Can bend or rotate the flexible neck in any direction
  • Strong magnet that allows versatile and customizable use
  • Lights are portable and easy to store
  • Can’t be used if your grill or smoker isn’t metal
  • 4.3 inch neck isn’t always efficient - this limitation makes it harder to supply light to some parts of the smoker
  • Lighting isn’t bright enough for a big grill station
  • Most expensive grill light I reviewed
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Grill lights are essential for grilling after dark, especially if your grill area doesn’t have installed lights. Although it’s not needed as much during the summer, a grill light will make things so much easier on your father come winter. Some grill lights are even magnetic, meaning they can be moved as needed depending on the grilling session. Most versions are compatible with almost all grills, making grill lights an excellent gift. 

Check out our best grill lights review to find the perfect one for you or your Dad!

5. Fireproof Gloves

Best Grill Gloves
Best Waterproof Gloves
Best Welding Gloves
$25.99 ($13.00 / Count)
$19.98 ($9.99 / Count)
Best Waterproof Gloves
Best Welding Gloves
06/12/2024 11:43 pm GMT

Fireproof gloves are one of those things that most dads don’t want to spend money on, but they would secretly love a pair. They aren’t very expensive, making them easy to combine with another gift to create the ultimate Father’s Day surprise. 

The Grill Armor pair here is our favorite because they are comfy, machine washable, and flexible (not stiff). They’re also heat resistant up to 932 degrees, making them perfect for every type of grilling. Check out our full review here!

6. Patio Drink Holders

Drinking a refreshing beverage is a must while grilling, and what’s better than having a super fun holder to set it in? Another gift dad probably wouldn’t buy for himself, but we are obsessed with are these red, white, and blue stake drink holders

Don’t ask me how I know, but they’re perfect next to your game of cornhole!

With a pointed end that holds them securely in the ground and four fun colors, your backyard will become the hangout spot when everyone sees your new drink holders! There are several options, whether you need 2, 4, or 6!

7. A Grill Basket

Grill baskets are an excellent way to make tasty vegetables and fish without having to worry about them falling through the grate. This basket by BBQ Guys is one of our favorites, as it is entirely enclosed – so Dad won’t lose a single piece of dinner! 

We also love this basket because it is compatible with almost all types of grills, just in case you don’t know what your dad is using these days. 

8. Cast Iron Skillet

Ooni Cast Iron Skillet Pan
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Cast iron pans make it easy to cook over high heat when you want to grill things like mac n cheese or breakfast. There are many different sizes of cast iron skillets, but we recommend this one, which is 11” and compatible with most types of grills. No matter what type of cooking Dad usually does, he will love this pan!

Gifts from $75 – $150

9. Rotating Grill Rotisserie Rib Tray

Universal Rotating Rotisserie Rib Trays
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Does your dad love ribs? Lol, silly question. Mine too. The hardest thing about making ribs though, is the space they take up on the grill. This rotating rib tray solves the issue by allowing you to cook not 1, but 4 racks of ribs at a time by utilizing the vertical space. Plus, this rack is universal, meaning it will be great for your dad no matter what type of grill he has! 

10. Grill Pizza Stone

Grills are excellent for making pizzas, whether your grill is gas or pellet! That makes a pizza stone the perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day. 

While you will need to make sure Dad’s grill is the right size to fit this stone (this one is 15″ x 18″), it works well with most grills, and your dad can use it to make pizza, cookies, and more!

11. Remote BBQ Thermometer

For a dad who loves to smoke, there is no better gift than a remote thermometer. With this handy device, Dad can chill on the couch or work in the garage while still keeping an eye on dinner. 

This version is especially handy because it comes with 4 probes, so Dad can track multiple pieces of meat at the same time. The probes are waterproof and can read temperatures up to 716°F. There are even alarms you can set to go off when the meat reaches a particular temperature. 

This is Matt’s go-to meat thermometer when he’s cooking!

12. Smash Burger Set

There is nothing like grilling the perfect burger on a Friday night, and we are sure your dad will agree, so grab him this smash burger gift set from Traeger. Complete with a spatula, steam dome, and press, your dad will love making the perfect burger every time he grills. 

13. Lawn Bowling Set

The ideal gift for the dad who already has everything on this list, a nice lawn bowling set can give your dad something to do while he’s grilling. 

This set by Elakai is made of wood and comes with a handy carrying case for when you want to take it on the go. To top it off, 1% of the sales of this set are donated to save the planet, so you can feel good about giving this gift.

14. Spice and Cook Book Set

BBQGuys Signature Gift Bundle
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BBQGuys has an awesome option for a dad who likes to experiment with grilling! This sweet gift set comes with 4 different spice blends as well as a cookbook of recipes for Dad to try on his next grilling adventure. 

If that weren’t enough, it also comes with the Drip EZ BBQ Prep Tub which makes it easy to marinate meats before transporting them to the grill. You can’t go wrong when you choose this gift for your dad this Father’s Day!

BBQ Gifts $200+

15. A New Grill

Best Mid-Range
Traeger Grills Ironwood 885
$1,499.99 $1,249.91
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06/11/2024 06:32 pm GMT

Father’s Day is the perfect time to consider upgrading dad’s grill. Not only do many companies offer Memorial Day grills, but if you’ve got siblings, it’s a great time to have everyone pitch in for a single amazing gift for Dad.

The Traeger Ironwood 885 comes highly recommended by us at The Grilling Dad. It takes home hardware as the overall best mid-range pellet smoker. The techie dad will love the “wifire” feature, and the SuperSmoke mode allows you to get more smoke flavor when you want it, which many other pellet smokers can’t do. 

Read our full review here!

Looking for something a little cheaper? Then check out our list of the best pellet grills under $500 for a wider selection of giftable grills.

16. A Griddle

Blackstone 36” Griddle with Hood & Four Burners
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A griddle is a good gift choice when your dad already has his dream grill. A griddle is a flat-top grill, which makes cooking for a crowd a breeze. Whether he’s making two dozen burgers, a whole side of bacon, or breakfast for the family all at once, a griddle should be an essential piece of Dad’s outdoor cooking toolkit.

New to griddles? Take a look at our 9 Best Blackstone Griddle Recipes to get an idea of what a griddle can do. 

17. Giant Connect Four

For the dad who loves lawn games, this giant Connec… er… 4-In-A-Row game is the perfect gift. Made of mahogany, this gift is as premium as it gets! It also comes with a padded carrying case, so dad can tuck it away during the wet winter months. 

18. Pizza Oven

If your dad doesn’t have a grill that is compatible with the pizza stone we mentioned earlier, then consider buying him this pizza oven instead. It’s a standalone pizza oven that can reach temperatures above 900°. It heats using wood pellets, so don’t forget to grab a bag of those for Dad, too. 

The best part of this pizza oven is that it is portable, weighing only 22 lbs, so a dad who loves camping can pack it up and take it on the go!

What have you bought Dad? Leave a comment below and let us know if it’s missing from our list!

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