Are Pellet Grills Practical for Everyday Use? (Can They Replace A Gas Grill?)

Why did the pellet grill cross the road? To prove it’s not just a smokin’ hot trend, but a serious contender in the world of outdoor cooking.

In this article, we’ll explore whether pellet grills are practical for everyday use and if they have what it takes to dethrone the trusty gas grill or your charcoal grill.

Are Pellet Grills Practical for Everyday Grilling?

Here at TheGrillingDad, we love our pellet grills. They can be used for smoking, baking, and of course, grilling! But are they practical for everyday grilling?

Pellet grills are practical for everyday grilling, in fact, they are much more practical than charcoal grills! They warm up fairly quickly and hold temperature with ease

While they may not be quite as simple to use as a gas grill, you can still use them to cook a wide range of different meats, including hamburgers, steaks, or fish. Do note, however, that it can be a bit difficult to sear with a pellet grill.

Read on to learn more about how practical a pellet grill might be for your household. 

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Can a Pellet Grill Replace a Gas Grill?

A pellet grill, while useful for everyday grilling, cannot truly replace a gas grill. This is because a gas grill makes it a cinch to bring it to temperature, and searing is a breeze. 

On a pellet grill, it will take much longer to get your grill to a searing temperature, but if you are making hamburger patties yourself, we find these times line up well. Just start the pellet grill, then make your patties, and the grill should be hot enough to toss them on. 

You won’t have an open flame on most pellet grills, however (though some do have this option), so while you can use a pellet grill at temperatures up to 650°F, you won’t have the flame charred appearance on any of the meats you cook.

Most master grillers choose to use a cast iron pan on the grill to help get the seared look, or they purchase the Camp Chef Woodwind with Side Kick, which gives you the option to use the pellet grill function when you please but sears items with the side-kick when you’re in a hurry!  

So, while the pellet grill can’t fully replace your gas grill, we don’t think you would need to have both, as long as you aren’t looking for that flame-charred appearance! 

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Can You Use a Pellet Grill as a Normal Grill?

Absolutely! There is nothing that you can make on a normal grill that you can’t make on a pellet grill. In fact, on most pellet grills, you can make more. 

A pellet grill is really the best of both worlds because you can grill or smoke when the situation calls for it. We also like that pellet grills are much easier to use and maintain temperature on than charcoal grills. 

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Does All Food on a Pellet Grill Taste Smoky?

All food tasting smoky on a pellet grill is a common misconception, and it is far from the truth. When you turn a pellet grill up to high temperatures, you will see little to no smoke flavor in your food. So don’t want a smoky flavor? Turn your pellet grill on high. 

Most pellet grills see the most smoke between 165°F-250°F, which are normal smoking temperatures. When you are tossing on some burgers when the grill is set to 500°F, you will likely have very little smoke, and the taste of the hamburger shouldn’t change much! 

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Can You Grill a Steak on a Pellet Grill?

Steaks are one of our favorite things to make on our pellet grill. All you have to do is heat the pellet grill up to 500°F (or hotter), then toss your steak on the grates.

You should hear it sizzle as it cooks. Allow it to cook for at least 3 minutes on each side or until the steak reaches your desired temperature. 

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Can You Get a Charcoal Flavor with Pellet Grills?

One thing you might miss when you purchase a pellet grill is the delicious charcoal flavor that comes from using a charcoal grill. The good news is there are charcoal pellets available for your pellet grill.

This means that you can even enjoy the taste of charcoal with a pellet grill! A pellet grill is truly a versatile option and great for a household that only has space for one grill.

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Are Pellet Grills Worth the Money?

All in all, a pellet grill is well worth the high price tag. You can use it for grilling, smoking, and baking your favorite foods. Plus, with charcoal and wood pellets available, you can get a delicious smoke flavor into your food. 

Don’t like the smoky flavor? Not a problem, just turn the grill up. No matter how you look at it, purchasing a pellet grill is an excellent investment. 

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