5 Best Small Gas Grills for a Balcony (2023 Review)

Do you want a gas grill but only have a balcony to put it on? You’ve come to the right place because we’ve got a list of the best small gas grills for your balcony.

In this GrillingDad.com guide, you will learn:

  • Which small gas grills are the best
  • Tips for purchasing a small gas grill
  • And much more!

Top Small Gas Grills for Your Balcony

  1. Best Overall Small Gas Grill: Char-Broil 463673519 Performance Series
  2. Best Runner-Up: Weber Spirit II E-210
  3. Best Portable Small Gas Grill: Coleman Roadtrip 285
  4. Best Extra Small Gas Grill: Weber Q2100 Propane Grill
  5. Best Small Gas Grill for Large Families: Char-Griller E3001 Grillin Pro

Best Small Gas Grills for Your Balcony Reviewed

When you’ve only got a small balcony, finding a quality gas grill can seem like an impossible task. The good news is that there are plenty of small gas grills which will work for your balcony, you just need to ask yourself a few questions first. 

  • How many people do you need to be able to cook for?
  • Do you want your gas grill to be portable?
  • Will you be living in your apartment long-term? Or eventually, moving to a house with a yard?
  • How often will you use your gas grill?
  • Do you have a gas hookup, or do you need space for a gas tank?

Once you have answered all of these questions, you’ll discover it’s actually quite easy to select a gas grill, and you are ready to head shopping! But before you go, let’s look at the 5 best small gas grills for a balcony. 

Best Overall: Char-Broil Performance Series 463673519

Char-Broil 463673519 Performance Series 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

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04/12/2024 09:08 am GMT


  • Very narrow
  • Decent price
  • 2 burners
  • Temperature gauge on the outside
  • 300 square inches of cooking space


  • Not as much storage space as other grills
  • Heavy/hard to move

This isn’t the first time we’ve recommended the Char-Broil Performance Series to you, and you can guarantee it won’t be the last! This compact gas grill is everything you could want and need, and it will fit on most patios.

With 300 square inches of cooking space, two burners, and a storage cabinet to put the gas tank, you can’t really ask for more when you’ve only got a balcony to work with. You’ll be able to fit 16 burgers on this baby, which is probably more guests than your apartment or condo can hold!

The two metal side shelves can fold out to give you more prep space, as well as collapse down when you want the grill to be as small as possible. It’s made of durable stainless steel, meaning it will last you forever. Plus, it has a temperature gauge on the outside of the grill, so you can keep the lid closed as long as possible.

Best Runner-Up: Weber Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill

Weber Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Liquid Propane Grill, Black
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04/11/2024 10:47 pm GMT


  • Durable
  • Smart thermometer 
  • Infinity ignition
  • 360 square inches of cooking space
  • Incredibly compact
  • Lightweight


  • A bit pricey
  • No cabinet for propane tank

Slightly more expensive than the Char-Broil, the Weber Spirit II is the best runner-up choice for several reasons. This grill is built with quality in mind and will let you cook for your biggest celebrations on the 360 inches of cooking space.

Weber has long been a name in the grill market, and for a good reason, their grills are built to last. If you are looking for a durable grill that will survive any storm that hits your patio, the Weber Spirit II is it. 

When you consider it also contains infinity ignition and a smart thermometer system (which allows you to monitor the temperature from afar), it’s hard to beat. This grill is also only 20 pounds without the propane tank, making it easier to move than our top pick.

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Although it is worth noting that this grill doesn’t have a hidden space to store your propane tank like many other grills in this category do.

Best Portable Small Gas Grill: Coleman Roadtrip 285

Coleman Gas Grill | Portable Propane Grill | RoadTrip 285 Standup Grill, Black
$319.99 $251.20
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04/12/2024 02:12 am GMT


  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Three cooking zones
  • On wheels for easy movement
  • Can be used for your balcony and camping


  • Heavier than other portable gas grills
  • Less cooking space, but still ample for most apartment living
  • A bit on the expensive side

Are you not sure if you want to leave your grill out year-round on your balcony? We understand! When that is the case, the Coleman Roadtrip 285 is the grill for you.

Not only is this grill portable(though a bit heavy), but it can also be folded to easily be stored in a closet or on a shelf during the winter months. It also has three cooking zones, which is more than any other gas grill on this list. 

While you don’t have as many square inches to cook on as you will the Weber Spirit II, with 285 inches of cooking space, this is a decent option for those wanting to throw burgers on the grill for a small get-together. It can also easily be placed in a trunk for someone who wants a grill for their balcony and also for camping excursions. 

At a mid-range price point, this grill isn’t the cheapest, but it will help you to get the job done.

Best Extra Small Grill: Weber Q2100 Gas Grill

Weber Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill, Black
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04/12/2024 08:42 am GMT


  • Very small
  • Affordable
  • Can be moved anywhere


  • Needs to be set on a table
  • Needs to be stored inside
  • No storage space

Don’t think you can fit a table and a gas grill on your balcony? Then the Weber Q2100 is for you. This is the smallest grill on the list but also the lightest as it only weighs a few pounds.

First of all, know that this grill isn’t a stand-alone grill, rather, it will sit on your table on your balcony. If you don’t have a table on your balcony, then it’s best to go with another grill. But for those who are absolutely looking to save space, you can’t use this gas grill.

What you will sacrifice in storage and prep space, you will retain in the ability to move this grill wherever you would like. It also has 189 inches of cooking space, which while not massive, will help you to make hotdogs for everyone come game day. 

It is also one of the less expensive grills on the list, ideal for someone who wants the Coleman grill above but wants something slightly cheaper. Plus, you get some nice side tables that will give you prep space when you are on the go! 

Best Small Gas Grill for Large Families: Char-Griller E3001 Grilling Pro

Char-Griller Grillin Pro 3001
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  • 3 Burners
  • Tons of cooking space
  • Durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to clean
  • Cooks at high temps


  • Heavy
  • On the larger end for small gas grills

We understand that sometimes even the largest families must live in smaller homes, so when you need to cook more than a dozen burgers on the regular but still only have a balcony available for your grill, we recommend the Char-Griller E3001 Grilling Pro.

Not only is this grill extremely affordable, but it also has the highest heat output of all the grills on this list. With 40,800 BTUs warming the 3 available burners on this grill, you can guarantee the 630 square inches of cooking space will remain as hot as you need it to for as long as you are cooking. 

This grill is made from durable steel, meaning you can leave it out on your balcony. It’s a good thing too, because while we love this grill, it does weigh over 80 pounds, so we can’t recommend it for a family that is planning to move soon. 

This grill also offers a side burner, meaning you can prepare your entire meal at the same time. The other side is a prep shelf which can be folded down to save space. 

Do note, however, that this is the largest grill on our list, so ensure you measure your balcony before you order!

What You Need to Know About Buying a Gas Grill for Your Balcony

Now we know you probably have your perfect gas grill for your balcony already picked out, but there are some things you need to check before you buy, namely whether or not grills are allowed at your apartment complex.

Many apartments where you are renting and not the owner have rules against using a grill of any sort on your patio. Others may have rules against gas grills but allow electric grills instead. 

It can be disheartening to purchase the grill of your dreams only to find out you can’t use it, so be sure to review the HOA guidelines of your community before you buy. If you find that grills aren’t allowed, ask about the ability of you to use a grill in a common space in your community.

If you are allowed to use grills in common spaces, this will dictate your buying choices tremendously. First of all, if you aren’t on the floor level, you will likely only want to buy a grill like the Coleman or the Weber Q2100, which are portable enough for you to carry downstairs and easy to store in a limited-space apartment. 

And if they say no to all of the above, we recommend still choosing the Coleman or Q2100 grill and then finding a nearby park you can go grill in whenever you have the urge! 

What to Look For When Buying a Small Gas Grill for Your Patio

Have you gotten the go-ahead for a small gas grill for your patio? Then here are some of the things you should look for as you shop to ensure you get the right grill for you! 


Obviously, when buying a small gas grill for your patio, you are extremely limited on space. We recommend that you measure your patio before you begin shopping, so you know how much space you have to spare.

Besides just ensuring you have space for the grill, also check that there is space for you to stand comfortably behind it and grill. The last thing you want to do is leave your balcony door open and let all the bugs in due to a measurement error! 

We also recommend measuring the height of your balcony railing, as it’s better when your grill lid opens over the railing, otherwise, you need to leave some additional extra space when setting up your grill. 

Cooking Area

Another thing you want to consider as you shop is the cooking area of your grill. While you won’t be able to cook a full turkey on a gas grill small enough to fit on your patio, there is a huge difference between the smallest grill on our list and the largest.

Think about why you want a grill. Is it for everyday cooking for two? Than 189 square inches may be sufficient. But if you want a grill for party purposes, better look for something a little bigger. 


Because balconies aren’t always covered, it’s important to consider how durable you want your grill to be. Especially because many of the smaller gas grills aren’t durable enough to leave outside year round. 

If the weather is great in your area year-round, then this won’t be an issue for you, but those who purchase a smaller gas grill that isn’t as durable in an area with rain and snow will either need a safe place to store their grill during the bad weather or a cover. 


Going right along with durability, you need to consider the weight of your grill if you plan to bring it inside when it is not in use. Luckily, grills that are less durable also tend to be lighter, making this decision easier for you. 

But, if you fall in love with the Char-Griller E3001, know that you will likely be unable to move this grill on the regular, thus, it is best for those who live in temperate climates or have a covered balcony to protect it from the rain. 

Ease of Cleaning

Because most balconies don’t come equipped with hoses, one of the weird things you will need to consider when purchasing a small gas grill is how easy it is to clean because you will need to clean it by hand.

Generally, porcelain-coated cast iron grates are both durable and easy to clean, but some of the smaller grills don’t have this option. If you really must buy a cheaper, smaller grill to fit your balcony, we recommend upgrading the grate to make it easy to clean. 

You should also always use a drip tray with a grill on your balcony, as this will make it easier to get the small pieces out of the grill without dumping them on your neighbors below!


British Thermal Units are the measurements of how much heat a grill puts out. While this isn’t as important when buying a larger grill, when you buy a smaller one, you need to be aware that the BTUs can be severely reduced. 

Smaller levels of BTUs give you lower cooking temperatures and less cooking power. While this may sound bad, it’s fine for someone who wants to cook a few burgers or hotdogs. But if you want to get into some fancier items like bone-in steaks and ribs, you will need higher BTUs.

Sometimes getting a slightly larger grill with higher BTUs is worth the extra space it takes up! 

Is Buying a Small Gas Grill for Your Balcony Worth it?

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when you are buying a small gas grill for your balcony, and you may be wondering if it is worth it or not. 

As grilling pros who use a grill for almost every meal possible, we absolutely think having a gas grill for your balcony is worth it. Just think of all the amazing meats and fish you can grill! Not to mention you can also grill potatoes, corn, and even halloumi cheese for salads. 

That being said, if you already have a smoker or another type of grill for your balcony, buying a second grill probably isn’t worth the space it will take up. Or, if you want to experiment with smoking meats, you are better off purchasing a combination smoker and grill if you can find one that fits your patio–because, as we mentioned above, a gas grill is great, but it won’t be smoking your turkey for thanksgiving! 

Final Thoughts on Buying a Gas Grill for Your Balcony

Overall, you can’t go wrong when you buy any of the above gas grills for your balcony. Just be sure that you measure your space and check with the HOA before you buy. 

Whether you pick a more portable gas grill for your balcony or a larger one that stays out there all year long, you will love the additional cooking options it affords you. Not sure where to start? Check out one of our awesome grilling recipes to break in your new gas grill!

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