Why Won’t My Blackstone Light? (4 Easy Fixes)

There’s nothing more frustrating than being all fired up to cook on your Blackstone griddle, only to find that it won’t ignite. But fear not, we’re here to help you troubleshoot this pesky problem and get you back on track to griddling glory!

In this post, we’ll explore the possible causes behind your Blackstone’s refusal to ignite and provide practical solutions to get it up and running.

Why Won’t My Blackstone Light?

Blackstone griddles are one of my favorite must-have grills. They can be used for grilling a whole array of delicious items, from BBQ to breakfast foods like eggs and bacon. But if it won’t light up, it’s beyond frustrating.

The main reasons a Blackstone griddle isn’t lighting:

  • Failure of the piezo ignitor valve
  • Battery failure
  • Faulty wiring
  • Out of propane

Each of these failures are fixed using a different method. Let’s jump into those so you can channel your inner Hibachi chef.

Reasons Why Your Blackstone Won’t Light (and Solutions!)

1. Piezo Ignitor Valve Failure

Most Blackstone griddles have a piezo igniter valve which is what gets them started. Unfortunately, these valves aren’t always held into place like they should, and they can get moved during shipping. 

There is no quick fix for a piezo ignitor valve problem, but if your grill is still under warranty, the company will likely take it back. One way to know for sure if it is the ignitor causing problems in your griddle is to take a look at them. 

Typically, ignitor needles are just a quarter of an inch from the burner, and they are L-shaped. If this isn’t true for your Blackstone, then it is an ignition problem.

Because there is no quick way to fix a broken ignition, we recommend eliminating all the other possible causes of failure on this list before sending your griddle in for service (or attempting to replace the igniter yourself!)

2. Wiring Issues

Wiring issues are sadly common in Blackstone griddles and are a major reason yours won’t light. Wiring issues are more common when a griddle has been shipped, as the jostling of the device in a box can cause wires to be knocked loose or out of place.

There isn’t much you can do about faulty wiring, and your griddle will need to be sent back to Blackstone for inspection. 

Before you send it in, however, you can follow each wire and check for obvious disconnects.

3. Battery Issues

When starting a Blackstone griddle, you should hear a clicking sound before it lights up. If you are attempting to start your Blackstone griddle and you don’t hear this clicking sound, then this is a sign that your griddle is having battery issues. 

Check the battery compartment and ensure all the batteries are properly positioned and in the griddle securely, then try turning on the griddle again. If it still won’t turn on, then try replacing the batteries entirely. 

4. You’re Out of Propane

Blackstone griddles require both batteries and propane to run. If you hear the clicking sound of the igniter but can’t get your grill to light, then it is possible you are out of propane. Check your tank or swap it out for one you know is full. 

Even if your propane says there is propane in it, lift the tank to see if it is actually full. The gauges on propane tanks can sometimes fail, showing they are full when they are actually empty. 

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How to Replace A Blackstone Griddle Ignitor

While it isn’t recommended, it is possible to replace the ignition on a Blackstone griddle yourself. Here’s what you will need and how to do it: 

Materials Needed:

  • Rubber gloves
  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • Igniter replacement wires
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Ignition module

Step 1: Check the Griddle

Your griddle should be completely cool before you begin with no food on its surface. Check that this is the case. Slip on your rubber gloves before beginning. 

Step 2: Take Apart the Griddle

Turn the ignitor cover counter-clockwise to remove the button and remove the cooking grates and deflectors. Also, remove the igniter retention nut and the wind deflector.

Step 3: Take Notes

Remove the ignitor model from beneath the control panel and note the position of each of the wires. 

Step 4: Remove the Wires

Unplug the wires as well as the control knobs on the control panel. 

Step 5: Remove the Heat Shield

Remove the heat shield and then remove the ignitor. Place the new one in the same spot. 

Step 6: Put Everything Back in Place

Now, do all of the steps above but in inverse order, putting everything back in place. 

Step 7: Test the Griddle

Once everything is put back together, try lighting your grill. If it works, you’re good to go, but if it doesn’t, it’s time to give Blackstone a call. 

Editor’s Note: Changing the ignitor in a Blackstone can be a challenge. Don’t be afraid to call a professional if you think you won’t be able to do it on your own. 

Why Won’t My Blackstone Griddle Stay Lit?

Having your Blackstone griddle shut off in the middle of cooking can be just as frustrating as not being able to start it. So why is it doing this?

Well, if the ignitor works but the grill fails to stay lit, then it is likely your propane regulator which is the issue. To see if this is the case, shut your grill off, as well as the propane tank. 

After everything is off, disconnect the gas hose from the regulator. Turn all the dials to high and wait a few minutes. 

After a few minutes, turn off the dials and plug everything back in. This process should reset your regulator. If your Blackstone still shuts off, you can try some of the troubleshooting tips below, or you may need to replace your regulator. 

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Blackstone Troubleshooting Tips

Still having problems getting your Blackstone to work properly? Try some of these tips! 

  • Try opening the propane tank valve slower when starting up your grill. This will keep the propane regulator from overreacting. 
  • If it’s your first time starting your Blackstone, it may be shutting off due to improper assembly. Take a look at the direction booklet and make sure everything is in the correct place. 
  • Turn everything off and then back on again before messing with any parts of your Blackstone. 
  • Always have extra batteries on hand and replace them when the ignitor won’t work.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable troubleshooting your Blackstone, call a professional for help. 
  • If all else fails, you can opt to buy a new one. We’ve got a list of our top Blackstone griddles or you can get a different flat top grill

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Why Does My Blackstone Not Have a Big Flame?

Maybe you have gotten your Blackstone to turn on, but it doesn’t have a large flame. Typically, this happens because the propane tank is almost empty. Try filling your propane tank or swapping it out for a full one. 

Why Is My Blackstone Not Getting Propane?

If you notice that your Blackstone isn’t lighting because it isn’t getting propane, then this is a propane regulator issue. Trying resetting it by disconnecting everything and then reconnecting it again. If this doesn’t work, you may want to swap out your propane tank for a more full one.

If these helped and you’re fired back up, here are a few things you can cook up for dinner: Blackstone Recipes

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