Best Wood for Smoking Brisket? (We Share the Top 5 in Our 2023 Review)

Planning on smoking a big ol’ brisket and want to find the best wood for it? 

You’re in the right place!

In this guide, you’ll learn: 

  • What Are The Best Types Of Wood For Smoking Brisket?
  • What To Look For In Finding Good Wood?
  • The Top Types Of Wood For Brisket? 
  • And Much More!

Looking for the best wood for smoking brisket? Smoked meats offer a nice flavor change from typical baked or fried meats.

Whether you want nutty or fruity flavors, there is a wood out there that will fit your tastebuds.

Our Top 5 Woods for Smoking Brisket

  1. Camerons Oak Wood Chunks
  2. Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips
  3. Western Premium Hickory Chunks
  4. Zorestar Oak Apple Chunks
  5. Weber Mesquite Wood Chunks
Best Wood For Smoking Brisket Facts

What Are the Different Types of Woods for Smoking Brisket?

There are many types of wood available for smoking brisket. From hickory to oak and everything in between, the possibilities are endless and they each bring a unique flavor addition to the table.

Wood Chips

  • Wood chips consist of scraps of wood and shavings. They do not burn very long, so larger cuts of meat will require a different cut of wood.

Wood Chunks

  • Wood chunks are typically used alongside charcoal and will last several hours. Wood chunks are ideal for smoking larger cuts of meat, and my go-to choice for brisket!

Wood Pellets

  • Pellets are small, compressed pieces of wood and sawdust. These are used in pellet grills and small smokers.


  • Logs are used in large smokers so the wood can be used as the source of heat as well. These will also work for larger briskets if you’re using a large smoker. 

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How Does Wood Actually Work When Smoking Brisket?

Smoking brisket is simple when you look at the basics. The wood for smoking brisket works by producing smoke the meat sits in while cooking.

During the smoking and cooking process, the meat absorbs the flavor produced by the wood smoke, resulting in a tasty brisket.

What Do You Look for in the Top Wood for Smoking Brisket?

For smaller briskets, you can grab a bag of your favorite wood chips, but most briskets will need wood chunks or logs.


  • Oak is my go-to choice for brisket. It burns hot enough and long enough for a brisket being smoked at 250-300 degrees. It produces a great smokey flavor without overwhelming the meat. 


  • If you’re looking to get bacon or nutty flavor infused in the brisket, you will want to grab some hickory wood.


  • Pecan wood will give the brisket a sweet flavor. Pair it with a stronger flavor wood so it doesn’t end up too sweet!


  • Mesquite will leave the brisket with an intense, strong, earthy flavor. If you can’t get enough smoke flavor, mesquite is likely what you’re looking for. 

Apple and Cherry Wood

  • Apple and cherry woods will leave the brisket with a slightly fruity taste. I will often pair my Oak with a little bit of either apple or cherry wood chunks!

Best Woods for Smoking Brisket Reviewed


1. Camerons Oak Wood Chunks

Camerons Smoking Wood Chunks (Oak) ~10 Pounds
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06/11/2024 04:23 pm GMT

Oak is my go-to for brisket. It is a medium “smokiness” that won’t overwhelm your brisket (or my kids’ taste buds).

Most of the time, I’ll use Camerons Oak Wood Chunks by themselves, but occasionally, I’ll pair them with apple or cherry wood chips to add a slight fruity flavor. 

These are kiln-dried wood chunks that ignite and produce smoke quickly to create a delicate smokey flavor!

  • Great Smokey Flavor
  • Doesn’t Overpower The Brisket
  • 100% Natural Wood With No Additives
  • Ignites Quickly and Burns Evenly
  • Chunks can vary in size


2. Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips

Jack Daniel’s BBQ Smoking Chips
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06/12/2024 01:13 am GMT

Jack Daniels is a well-recognized name for products other than wood chips, but they can turn your brisket into a smoker’s dream meat with their smoking chips.

Get a flavor combination of oak and Jack Daniels whiskey. These chips are created right from the Old No. 7 barrels!

They are slightly pricier than similar smoking chips, but where else can you get Jack Daniels whiskey barrel wood chips for your brisket?

  • Oak and Whiskey Taste
  • Made Directly From Jack Daniel’s Aging Barrels
  • Adding A Few Chips Goes A Long Way
  • Only Comes In Wood Chips So They Burn Quickly


3. Western Premium BBQ Products Hickory BBQ Chunks

Western Premium Heat Treated Hickory Wood Chunks
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06/11/2024 06:08 pm GMT

Enjoy your brisket with a slightly nutty flavor after smoking it with these hickory chunks. They are heat-treated so you won’t have any worries of mold, rot, or pests.

They also smoke quickly once they are placed in the grill or smoker, so you can get your BBQ on faster.

The chunks can vary in size, sometimes by quite a bit. This can lead to uneven burning of the wood and uneven smoke. You can cut the pieces down to size or just use the chunks you will need and save the larger pieces for a later time.

  • Nice, Nutty Flavor
  • Heat-Treated With No Additives
  • Can Easily Use The Larger Chunks As Your Heat Source
  • Chunks Vary Greatly In Sizes
  • Some Burn Very Quickly, Others Take Quite Awhile


4. Zorestar Oak Apple Smoker Wood Chunks

Zorestar All-Natural Oak Smoker Wood Chunks
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Oak wood burns hot, providing a distinct smokey flavor to your meats. Paired with apple and you’ll have a hint of sweetness added to the mix. 

You’ll get a good mix of apple and oak wood chunks with little chips and splinters in the box.

It is possible, if you just grab a couple of chunks quickly, you will only get oak or only get apple. 

  • Classic Oak Flavor With A Hint of Apple
  • Great Chunks With Consistent Sizes
  • The 2-3″ Chunks Can Be Used In Several Different Types of Smokers, including Electric Smokers
  • Zorestar Had Some Negative Reviews On Shipment Sizes, But Each Time I’ve Ordered Them I Received The Correct Amount


5. Weber Mesquite Wood Chunks

Weber Mesquite Wood Chunks, 4 lb
$9.23 $7.69
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06/11/2024 04:29 pm GMT

You guys know I like to keep it real. These are here for the people who want that classic Texas-taste using mesquite wood chunks. 

However, you won’t find these at my house. 

It’s nothing against Weber (I actually love most Weber products), but my wife and kids hate the taste of every meat I’ve ever smoked with mesquite, so I just don’t have enough positive feedback to guide you here. 

If you’re new to smoking, I’d use something less smokey to start out with. You don’t want the wood to be the reason for a bad meal. 

  • Weber Always Delivers A Quality Product
  • Commonly Used For Texas-Tasting Briskets
  • Mesquite has an intense smokey flavor that my wife and kids despise

Best Wood for Smoking Brisket FAQs

What is the Best Wood for Smoking Brisket Texas-Style?

At Camp Brisket, a program at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, they recommend using a local hardwood. In Texas, that usually means oak or mesquite.

What’s Better for Smoking Brisket: Hickory or Mesquite?

Whether you should use hickory or mesquite to smoke brisket depends on the flavor you are going after. Hickory is a classic wood used for smoking and will give the meat a hint of bacon flavor. Mesquite has been described as having an intense flavor and is a popular wood in Texas. If you are going after a Texas vibe, go with mesquite. If you want a more subtle flavor, check out hickory.

What Wood Pellets to Smoke Brisket?

Texas seems to be a theme when it comes to brisket. Try a blend of oak and mesquite that will provide both a nice smoky flavor and the strong flavor of mesquite.

What Wood is Best for Bark for Brisket?

Keep in mind, the surface area of the brisket (which will eventually become the bark) will capture the flavor profile of the wood you are using. So, this comes down to your personal preference. Oak happens to be my go-to wood for brisket, and it is the wood I like for the best bark for brisket.

Final Thoughts on the Top Wood for Smoking Brisket

Oak wood will give you the mild smokey flavor that many smoke enthusiasts love…myself included!

It tends to be cheaper and burns great. Camerons Oak Wood Chunks is our top pick on this list. It is budget-friendly and heat-treated.

If you want a unique flavor or need to use chips instead of chunks, Jack Daniels BBQ smoking chips are a great pick as well.  You’ll love the unique whiskey barrel flavor it gives off.

Whichever wood you choose from my list, you will be pleased with the smoked brisket end product!

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