Top 3 Best Woods For Smoking Pulled Pork

Get the smoke rollin’, it’s time to smoke some pulled pork!

But if you’re not sure what the best type of wood to get that perfect pulled pork is, you’re in the right place!

In this guide, you’ll learn: 

  • Different types of woods to use for pulled pork? 
  • Best wood for pulled pork?
  • And much more!

Pulled pork is a timeless classic when it comes to smoker meals. Not only does the pork need to be tender, but the smoke should not mask the taste of the pork itself.

Strong smoke woods, such as mesquite, can be too much for pulled pork, leaving it bitter and less than tasty.

Our Top 5 Woods for Smoking Pulled Pork

  1. Hickory
  2. White Oak
  3. Pecan
  4. Apple
  5. Peach
Top Wood For Smoking Pulled Pork Facts

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What Are the Different Types of Woods for Pulled pork?

You’ll run into many species of wood for pulled pork, each offering their own distinct flavor profile to your smoked meats.

There are also a few kinds of wood sizes you can use for pulled pork as well.

Wood Pellets

  • These are small, compressed wood pellets that are formed with hardwood and sawdust. They are used primarily in pellet grills but can be used in small smokers as well

Wood Chips

Wood Chunks

  • Wood chunks burn longer than wood chips since they are bigger, so they are ideal for larger cuts of meat and larger smokers and grills. These are usually fist size.

Wood Logs

  • Wood logs can be used for smoking as well as a heat source in large smokers and grills since they produce enough heat to cook, as well as smoke for flavor

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What Do You Look for in the Best Wood for Pulled pork?

Size wise, the kind of wood you’ll need depends on your setup for smoking and grilling.

When it comes to flavor, hickory is the best wood for pulled pork. It offers that authentic pulled pork taste many know and love.

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White oak is another good option that provides excellent flavor without overpowering the pulled pork.

Apple and peach wood are good for pulled pork. They both offer a slight sweet, smoky flavor to the pulled pork without being too sweet!

Pecan wood chunks will leave your pork with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor that ensures a delicious pulled pork meal.

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Best Woods for Smoking Pulled pork Reviewed

Oklahoma Joe’s Wood Chunks-Hickory

Oklahoma Joe’s wood chunks are made with real wood and no fillers. These chunks ignite quickly and burn evenly, giving all over coverage of smoke for your pulled pork.

The chunks are big, and you’ll find minimal bark in your package of wood chunks.

You may end up with more chips than desirable when buying wood for pulled pork and sometimes the product contains less than advertised, but overall, it’s a good buy for hickory.

  • Pros: Made with real wood, no fillers, ignite quick, big chunks, minimal bark
  • Cons: More chips than desirable, smaller bag weight than advertised
Oklahoma Joe's Wood Smoker Chunks, 8 lb, Hickory
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Smoak Wood Chunks- White Oak

Certified pest free, smoak wood chunks are kiln dried to prevent rot, mold, and pests.

The fist size chunks are sourced in the US, so you know where the wood is coming from. These chunks are also chemical free, so they are food safe.

Smoak is slightly more expensive than similar products, so it’s not an ideal budget wood.

  • Pros: Chemical free, pest free, sourced in US, fist size chunks
  • Cons: Expensive
Smoak Firewood’s Cooking Wood Chunks (Competition Grade)
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05/25/2024 02:23 am GMT

Western Pecan BBQ Smoking Chunks- Pecan

Western doesn’t use fillers or binding agents in their wood chunks so you get only the hardwood you’re paying for.

They are kiln-dried, which helps to prevent mold, pests, and rot, leaving you with quality wood chunks for your pulled pork.

However, sizes can vary in the packaging, leaving you with smaller chips that burn up quickly. You may also get a few pieces with bark.

  • Pros: Kiln dried, no pests, rot, or mold, no fillers, all-natural wood
  • Cons: Smaller chips in package may burn up too quickly, bark on some pieces
Western Premium Pecan Chunks
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Weber Apple Wood Chunks

Forget chemicals and unwanted oils in your wood. Weber doesn’t treat their wood chunks with any chemicals or oils, so you get 100% hardwood.

They ignite quickly and are sourced in the US.

You may end up with small chips or larger chunks you need to cut in your package, though.

  • Pros: Chemical free, ignite quickly, sourced in US, all-natural hardwood
  • Cons: Size inconsistency (smaller chips that burn too quick or large chunks you have to cut)
Weber Apple Wood Chunks
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Diamond King Smoker Wood Chunks-Peach

Peach wood is a hard-to-find wood when it comes to smoking chunks or chips. Diamond King Smoker offers all-natural peach wood that is sourced in the US.

The chunks are cured to remove water and preserve the sugars that give peach wood that sweet smoke.

The chunks are perfect size for all of your smoking needs, but the price is pretty hefty since peach is hard to find!

  • Pros: Made in US, all-natural hardwood, cured to remove water, sweet smoke
  • Cons: Expensive compared to other options
DiamondKingSmoker Smoking Wood Chunks 100% All Natural
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Final Thoughts on Best Woods for Pulled pork

The best wood you could use for pulled pork is hickory, which will give your pulled pork the authentic smoke taste many love.

Sweet woods like peach, apple, and pecan pair nicely with pork as well, leaving your meats smokey and sweet.

Pulled pork is a classic, American meat prepared by smoking.

Finding the right wood for pulled pork and smoking it to the right internal temp and for the right amount of time ensures your pulled pork will not only be tender, but tasty as well so grab what you need and fire up the smoker!

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