Our Guide To Safely Using An Extension Cord with Your Pellet Grill

You know a good BBQ setup is crucial for that perfect cookout. But what if you need to move your pellet grill away from the power source? Can you use an extension cord?

Can You Use an Extension Cord for a Pellet Grill?

The good news is you can use an extension cord with most pellet grills. You just need to ensure that you are using an extension cord that has the correct gauge and that it is rated for outdoor use since you plan to use it outside. 

Read on to learn more about which type of extension cord you should purchase for your pellet grill! 

What Gauge Extension Cord Do You Need for a Pellet Grill

As mentioned above, it is a good idea to grab a good-quality extension cord if you plan to use it with your pellet grill. 

For best results, you should use a 12 or 14-gauge extension cord and try to get the shortest cord available for your needs. You should never connect extension cords to each other. We recommend starting with a 10-foot, 12-gauge, or 14-gauge extension cord. 

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You will also want to check that your extension cord has a grounding plug and that it is designed for outdoor use. Never use an indoor extension cord for your pellet grill. 

You also shouldn’t use a 16 or 18-gauge extension cord with your pellet grill as these cords are meant for lighter duty and can be damaged by using them with your pellet grill. When it comes to cord gauging, remember that a smaller number means the cord is more suitable for heavy-duty use. 

Additionally, remember that even if a cord says it is waterproof, it is probably not a good idea to leave it outside year-round. We recommend storing your extension cord indoors and only attaching it to your pellet grill when you intend to use it. 

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How Many Amps Does a Pellet Grill Use?

As you shop for an extension cord, you will probably come across an amp rating for each cord you look at. In general, most pellet grill brand draw between 8 and 15 amps of power. This means you should look for an extension cord that supports at least 15 amps. 

If you want to learn more, you can read our post on how much electricity pellet grills use.

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Best Extension Cord for a Pellet Grill

We recommend this 10ft 12-gauge extension cord from Aiychen, which is specifically designed for outdoor use. It’s got the three prongs you need for grounding, as well as a waterproof exterior. It is rated for use with devices that draw up to 15amps. 

Of course, 10ft may not be enough for some people, and Aiychen also has a 25ft cord available. If you need even longer, you will need to look at a different brand like Southwire.

Southwire has both a 50ft and a 100ft extension cord which should work with your pellet grill. Remember to try to use the shortest cord possible to minimize some of the dangers associated with extension cords. 

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What to Look for in an Extension Cord for a Pellet Grill

There are tons of extension cords that will work for your pellet grill. Below is a breakdown of the exact specifications you should look for. 

  • 12 or 14 gauge
  • Weatherproof
  • Grounding prong
  • Made of heavy-duty materials which won’t get damaged easily. 
  • Length 
  • Rated for 15amps or more
  • Single plug (extension cords with a multiplug are more likely to be overloaded when using them with your pellet grill)

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Is it Dangerous to Use an Extension Cord with a Pellet Grill?

While it is a little dangerous to use an extension cord with a pellet grill, it is no more dangerous than if you were using the extension cord with something else. Extension cords themselves are inherently a bit dangerous as they can produce a lot of heat and start fires when used improperly. 

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As long as you purchase the correct extension cord and always keep an eye on your pellet grill, you shouldn’t have any problems using it with an extension cord. 

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