Can You Leave Your Pellet Grill Outside? Tips for Proper Storage

Are you a proud owner of a pellet grill? Good for you! Pellet grills are fantastic for creating smoky, delicious meals. But what about storing it outside? Can you leave it out in the elements? Let’s dive into that question and see if we can help you protect your grill (and your dinner plans).

The short answer to that is yes! However, it’s important to note that proper storage and other considerations should be factored in, which are all detailed in the article below.

So, if you’re looking for the best way to store your pellet grill, or have other common questions about your grills usage and storage, keep reading!

Can You Store A Pellet Grill Outside? 

Pellet grills can be stored outside! However, elements such as rain and snow can damage your grill and its operation over long periods of time. 

If you’re going to store your pellet grill outside, it’s recommended that you cover it in something waterproof, such as a BBQ cover or tarp.

Can You Store A Pellet Grill Outside When It’s Plugged In? 

Pellet grills can be stored outside, even when plugged in. However, there are some things to consider first. 

If you’re going to plug in your pellet grill and store it outside, the outlet must be a GFCI outlet. 

Your pellet grill may not actually work if it isn’t plugged into a GFCI outlet, depending on the type of grill you have.

According to the pellet grill community, so long as your grill is plugged into the GFCI outlet, it can remain in place for years even outdoors.  

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Can You Operate A Pellet Grill On A Porch? 

Like any other barbeque, pellet grills can be operated on porches.

If you have a standard wood porch, however, there are precautions you must take to keep your grilling and/or smoking safe and efficient!

A pellet grill is easy to use and does pretty much everything for you, including lighting the flame and directing the heat. 

It’s important to keep in mind that you’re still in close proximity to a real fire, and you should keep an eye out for fire hazards and maintain correct fire safety at all times.

Wood is, of course, flammable. Take care not to spill any hot flakes or ashes when disposing of the ashes in the pellet-container. 

Do not grill openly, and don’t grill with your pellet grill connected to any other kind of outlet than the GFCI outlet. You should also take care that your grill is on stable ground. 

You can connect a hose to your water main if excessive smoke is becoming a problem, and wet down your deck as a precaution against stray ashes catching it alight. 

Move all unnecessary flammable objects off of your porch. In short: Practice basic fire safety, and you should be alright!

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Things To Consider When You Leave Your Pellet Grill Outside: Proper Handling & Storage 

Though your pellet grill can be stored outside, there are proper ways to go about the handling and storage of it. 

When storing it outside, be sure to keep it out of the way of harsh natural elements– it’s best to store your grill in a sheltered area, covered with something durable and waterproof. 

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What Is Your Pellet Grill Made Of?

Pellet grills are made of a variety of materials. The grill parts are generally similar, but the hardware is what changes between models. 

Some hardware may be plastic and will become brittle after spending time outdoors, whereas some may be metal and likely to rust. 

Other grills will be made of carbon fiber, or another material that’s less affected by wind, rain or oxidization.

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If you’re a pellet grill owner, make sure you’re taking some basic precautions, and use common sense when storing and handling your grill. 

Take note of what material your pellet grill is made of for the right storage methods to take for your grill.

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Always Cover Your Pellet Grill 

As mentioned above, a pellet grill stored outside should always be covered when it’s not in use. 

Your grill may come with a specialized cover, otherwise any barbeque cover or tarpaulin should do the trick fine. 

Just make sure that whatever you use is durable and waterproof!

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Consider Emptying Your Pellet Grill Hopper

Over time, any wood ashes and barbeque grease left in your pellet grill hopper will become unpleasant, especially if left outside in the rain.

If you leave the ash and grease mixture in your hopper over time, the quality of your pallet grill will degrade. 

So, if you’re going to store your grill outside, consider regularly emptying the hopper to avoid this.

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Wood Pellet Grills and Electrical Safety

As with any electrical appliance, it’s important that you take basic electrical precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of others around you. 

Connect all cables properly, and ensure all wires are insulated and in good condition. 

You should also make sure that the electrical parts of your pellet grill are sealed and protected against the elements. 

Do not operate your pellet grill in an unsafe electrical environment, i.e. with heavy rainfall or flooding near or around your grill’s connection point.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, pellet grills can be stored outside and plugged in for long periods of time! 

You just have to make sure that they’re plugged into a GFCI outlet, and that the grill is covered with something waterproof and durable any time that it’s not in use.

If you follow these steps, you’ll get to enjoy your pellet grill outdoors for many years to come!

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