Z Grills 700D3 Pellet Grill In-Depth Review

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Z Grills is known for launching improved versions of pellet smokers at very affordable rates. They value their customers’ feedback, and they keep upgrading their products accordingly.

One such product of Z Grills is the 700D3 pellet smoker. This pellet smoker has an excellent value for money already.

The current model of the 700D3 was launched with additional features. A PID temperature controller has been added to this already popular 700D3 pellet grill.

You will be surprised by how the ZGrills 700D3’s performance is better than other smokers available at this price.

Another remarkable feature is the hopper clean-out, which makes it convenient to remove the residual pellets after every smoking session.

This in-depth ZGrills 700D3 review will give you a clear picture of all the features, performance, warranty, and other qualities of this product so you can make the best buying decision.

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Quick Overview of the Specifications of 700D3

  • Material: It is made of high-temperature powder-coated steel.
  • Grate material: It is porcelain-coated.
  • Cooking capacity: It has a cooking capacity of 697 square inches.
  • Pellet hopper capacity: The pellet hopper capacity is 20 lbs.
  • Temperature range: The minimum temperature is 180°F while maximum temperature reaches upto 450°F.
  • Wi-Fi: W-Fi connectivity is not available currently.
  • Fuel type: Wood pellets are the fuel of this smoker.
  • Model: It is now known as ZPG-700D3 and was previously called ZPG-700D.
  • Dimensions: Weight 48″ x Height 51″ x Diameter 22″
  • Weight: It weighs around 132 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 years warranty and 30-day policy for returns, refunds, or replacement
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Z Grills 700D3 Wood Pellet Smoker
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Characteristics of the ZGrills 700D3 Pellet Smoker

Best Value Pellet Grill

  • It is very durable, with the lid being made of high-temperature powder-coated steel.
  • The cooking chamber is made of cast iron with porcelain-coated grill grates.
  • Its capacity is large enough to fill large cuts.
  • It has a single shelf on a pellet hopper. Moreover, there is a storage cabinet as well.
  • There is double-door storage below the cooking chamber to hold accessories like probes, grilling tools, and a few bags of pellets.
  • The 700D3 will give you effective heat retention due to the presence of dual-wall insulation.
  • The pellet hopper weighs 20 pounds (9 kg).

Convenience and Feasibility

  • The PID temperature controller keeps the temperature within your desired range automatically. It tries to regulate the target temperature.
  • Its wide temperature range makes it a multipurpose product as it can be used to roast, toast, and grill without the slightest inconvenience.
  • The unused pellets can be swiftly emptied through the hopper cleanout door.
  • Its upgraded LCD temperature display makes it easy to view the temperature setting.
  • It can easily be moved around by using its four rotating casters. This also makes them easy to move on uneven surfaces and grass.

Additional Features

  • The double meat probes indicate the doneness of your meat.
  • The 700D3 grill has a waterproof cover.
Best Value Pellet Smoker
Z Grills 700D3 Wood Pellet Smoker
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The Features of the ZGrills 700D33 – Review

High-Temperature Powder-Coated Steel

  • The primary thing that you will notice regarding ZGrills overall is their fabricate quality, which is terrific — especially in their smokers. The 700D3 is the upgraded version of the 700D pellet grills by ZGrills. It is produced using top-notch, high-temperature powder-coated steel. They have improved strength and durability.
  • If you compare it with other expensive pellet smokers in terms of building material, you will notice that the metal used in 700D3 is more durable, and the parts of the pellet smoker assemble well. The unit is stable and composed owing to the encapsulated storage cart.

Dual-Wall Construction

  • It offers the best insulation due to the dual-wall insulation technology. It has to be a pocket-friendly version of the older 700D version, as it uses fewer pellets because it retains more heat. This quality makes it stand out among its other competitors.
  • Its affordability makes it preferable over other pellet smokers because no other smoker would offer such excellent heat insulation at a low price.

Grill Grates

  • Its grill grates are porcelain-coated steel. Due to their non-stick quality, they don’t get much residue stuck to the surface and can easily be cleaned. This grill is also rust-resistant, which makes it more durable.

PID Temperature Control

  • The ZGrills 700D3 functions well in cooking at a steady speed and low heat.
  • The PID controller performs thermoregulation, keeping the temperature slow and steady. All these features make smoking even more convenient.
  • The temperature is equally distributed throughout the chamber. There is hardly a difference of 1 or 2 degrees between both sides of the grill at a temperature of 225°F. Your meat will thus be cooked evenly without any burnt or undercooked spots.

LCD Screen With 2 Meat Probes

  • It comprises an LCD screen, which shows the temperature.
  • Its double meat probes, which are made of stainless steel, tell you whether the meat is well done or not.

Pellet Cleanout System

  • With the easy pellet cleanout system, all you need to do is twist the door located at the back of the hopper to release all the pellets simultaneously.

Free Cover

  • To protect against rain and external elements, the 700D3 also comes with a free water-resistant cover, along with a pair of gloves for easier assembly.

20-lb. Hopper Size

  • The hopper can accommodate 20 lbs. of pellets, making it ideal for parties of four to six people.

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Z Grills 700D3 Wood Pellet Smoker
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Steps To Launch the Smoking Function

Follow the sequence below to launch the smoking function!

  • First, the pellet hopper is loaded, and the 700D3 is connected to the power supply.
  • The lid is opened, and the knob is turned to smoke mode.
  • The ignition rod begins the fire.
  • After the smoke is seen, the lid should be closed, and the temperature should be set.
  • Then the startup function should be started.
  • After waiting for 10 minutes, a desirable smoking temperature should be achieved.
  • After the temperature is achieved, the meat should be loaded.
  • In the end, the temperature probes should be connected.

When you are certain that the pellets you have loaded are enough and that you won’t run out, you can leave the meat in there.

However, keep checking the internal temperature of the meat after a few hours. The temperature should stay at 10°F within the range of the target temperature. Ensuring this will give you the same outcome each time.

The outcome will be a smoky barbecue, but the degree of smokiness and crispness will not be as accurate as that present in a barbecue cooked on wood and charcoal. However, it still consumes way less time than a traditional barbecue on charcoal and gives an excellent smoky flavor to your meat.

The 700D3’s smoke feature can increase the smokiness. It will enable more smoke to penetrate inside the meat when there is maximum absorption of smoke in the meat.

Do not forget to bring the meat to the average cooking temperature afterward to avoid excess smokiness and maintain the taste of the food. The temperatures should be observed in smoke mode, as the flame can go out if the burn box has even a tiny amount of ash residue.

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Grilling Function

The 700D3 grill works as effectively as ovens for grilling. However, it adds a smoky flavor to the food, which most ovens cannot do. The maximum temperature at which grilling can occur in the 700D3 is 450°F. The outcome of grilling on the 700D3 grill pellet smoker is not as effective as that on a charcoal grill. This is because 700D3 uses indirect heat for grilling. The 700D3 is not specially designed for grilling; its primary function remains to be smoking.

However, if you want to grill your meat, it would take some time for the grill to be heated to the maximum temperature of 450°F. It might take as long as 40 minutes to heat the grill grates. It does sizzle and even creates sear marks.

Furthermore, it is not a bad idea to use 700D3 for grilling. The outcome is just satisfactory. However, more pellets are utilized in less time.

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Z Grills 700D3 Wood Pellet Smoker
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Capacity of the ZGrills 700D3

It is spacious enough and offers a cooking space measuring 697 square inches (0.45 m²). It is divided into two separate cooking grates.

The lower rack measures about 504 square inches (0.33 m²), and the space is enough for five chickens and a full brisket at the same time. The 193 square inches (0.12 m²) at the top can accommodate rib racks and also for vegetables. You will have to remove the top rack to smoke taller cuts because the space between the upper and lower rack is as tiny as 3.5 inches (ca. 9 cm). These dimensions should not be a cause of concern because the lower rack is spacious enough to accommodate about 29 patties. So, if you have got the ZGrills 700D3, then you shouldn’t think twice before throwing a smoky barbecue party.

As far as the capacity of the hopper is concerned, one pellet bag weighing about 20 pounds (ca. 9 kg) will easily fit. The time of steady smoking that it should provide is 20 hours.

Additional Features of ZGrills 700D3

Meat Probes Made of Stainless Steel

Please do not make a mistake in checking the temperature of the meat by removing its lid. It will blow away all the heat that is trapped inside. Plus, who needs to take off the lid when you have double meat probes in your 700D3? These meat probes connect directly to the control gauge and give you precise temperature readings. The accurate internal temperature of meat is just a button away.

Waterproof Cover

The free waterproof cover improves the overall look of the pellet smoker. It provides great water resistance and fits perfectly.

Optional Features

You have a choice to add up to your already cool 700D3 pellet smoker by choosing some more exciting accessories:

  • Disposable drip buckets
  • Reversible cast iron griddle
  • Good-quality sets of barbecue tools

Warranty of the 700D3

ZGrills offers a 30-day return policy, which distinguishes it from other pellet smoker brands. There’s a warranty of three years for the 700D3 pellet smoker, which is quite enough and agreeable. ZGrills is customer-friendly and promptly resolves any issues faced by its customers. They keep upgrading their models by adding to the existing features according to the demands of their customers.

Best Value Pellet Smoker
Z Grills 700D3 Wood Pellet Smoker
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Steps To Clean the ZGrills 700D3 Pellet Smoker

  • The grates should be scraped and rinsed thoroughly after each use, especially when they are still warm. A grill scraper can be used for convenience.
  • To make the cleaning up process easier and to avoid making a lot of mess, aluminum foil can be used to cover the grease tray.
  • Draw the grease tray out. The baffle plate should also be removed to reach the firepot. Ash usually accumulates in the lower part of the cooking chamber and the firepot. It can be sucked out easily thanks to a vacuum cleaner.
  • The remaining body of the smoker can be cleaned from time to time or after every use.

Advantages of the 700D3 Pellet Smoker in a Nutshell

Here’s why you should look into investing in a ZGrills 700D3 model:

  • The PID controller enables precise temperature regulation and maintains a narrow range of temperature change to avoid any fluctuations.
  • Uniform heat distribution across the grill grates ensures even cooking of the meat.
  • It is a premium quality pellet smoker made of high-temperature powder-coated steel. Its firm build gives it strength and durability.
  • Its dual-wall insulation technology conserves heat in colder regions and winters. It leads to less fuel consumption, making the 700D3 pellet smoker an economical product of ZGrills.
  • A pair of meat probes enable you to measure the meat temperature instead of losing any valuable heat by opening the lid.
  • Its waterproof cover fits perfectly and provides effective water resistance.
  • A large hopper that can accommodate 20 pounds (ca. 9 kg) of pellet bags are present.
  • The feature of hopper clean-out makes cleaning convenient.
  • It has storage at the bottom, which provides extra space for storing extra pellets and accessories.
  • It offers a three-year warranty. It also offers a 30-day policy for refunds, returns or replacements.

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Disadvantages of the 700D3 Pellet Smoker

An in-depth review can’t be complete without going over the disadvantages of the item being reviewed. So, here they are:

  • The addition of more than the existing number of meat probes would be great, as the size of this pellet smoker is big.
  • The internal meat temperature cannot be controlled remotely.
  • There is no Wi-Fi connectivity.


Is the Wi-Fi Connection Option Present in ZGrills 700D3?

The grill 700D3 does not offer a Wi-Fi connectivity option. However, it may be added in upgraded versions on customer demand.

How Can We Quickly Empty the Pellet Hopper?

The 700D3 pellet hopper can be emptied quickly by using the feature of a door to clean out. The door needs to be turned around, and it will open. This will enable all the pellets to come out on their own. You can put a bucket underneath to collect the pellets.

How Can You Differentiate 700D3 From 700D?

Since the 700D3 is an upgraded version of the 700D, it has many additional features not found in the previous model. These include the PID controller, hopper cleanout, and meat probes. The 700D’s assembled weight is also heavier at 144 lbs. compared to the 700D3’s assembled weight, which is 132 lbs. All other features are identical.

Can Z Grills 700D3 Be Used for Grilling?

It can be used for grilling, but the result will not be as smoky as a charcoal grill. Its primary function is smoking, which it is a pro at. It usually grills at a temperature as high as 450°F (ca. 232°C). It uses indirect heat, so the outcome is inferior to that of a charcoal grill. Moreover, grilling with 700D3 will burn more fuel than grilling at high temperatures.

Why Is the ZGrills 700D3 Suitable for Use in Cold Weather?

If you want to smoke in winter, then this is probably the best pellet smoker option. Its double-wall insulation retains the maximum amount of heat. It also consumes less fuel in colder regions, proving it an economical product.

Does the ZGrills 700D3 Smoker Require Any Particular Kind of Pellets?

It doesn’t require any particular kind of pellets. However, the quality of the pellets cannot be compromised. The pellets used should be high quality. ZGrills make their own pellets. If you find it difficult to find high-quality pellets, then pellets made by ZGrill are the way to go. They can be bought along with the 700D3 smoker.

Why Choose the ZGrills 700D3 Pellet Smoker?

The ZGrills 700D3 is considered the most easy-to-use pellet smoker and can be operated even by beginners. Most people need a product with good value for money; they can go straight for the ZGrills 700D3 pellet smoker as it is affordable yet promising in quality and function. Other pellet grills with steady temperatures are pretty expensive, while this one provides steady temperature at a low price.

Even if it does not give a perfect char to your meat, it still can be used for grilling — and that is a plus for a pellet smoker.

Its portable and mobile nature and pellet hopper clean-out facility make it stand out. Its double insulation property beats other pellet smokers as it enables better heat entrapment.

How can we forget the feature of autoregulation, which keeps you carefree for hours? You can go and watch your favorite series, do that floor mopping, or make a nice sauce to have with your smoky meat after setting the target temperature in your smoker.

It lacks Wi-Fi, but not many people feel the need for such a connection. It has double meat probes that tell you the internal temperature of the meat even when the lid is closed. What else does so much for you? In a sense, no one but the one and only ZGrills 700D3 pellet smoker can do all this at the current price point. If you are on a hunt for an affordable yet classy and super convenient pellet smoker, then the ZGrills 700D3 has to be on your priority list.

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Final Thoughts on the ZGrills 700D3

We hope this in-depth review guide has helped show you why the ZGrills 700D3 is considered one of the best grills you could opt for. All the pros and cons have been laid out in front of you to help with making a smart buying decision.

Take note that whichever smoker you select, care should be taken that it is well-insulated, uses less fuel, includes thermoregulation features, and provides an accessible cleaning facility.

If you require any improvements in the current model of the ZGrills pellet smoker, you can always reach out to ZGrills. The company’s known for entertaining queries quickly. ZGrills welcomes feedback to help improve the models that will be released down the line.

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Z Grills 700D3 Wood Pellet Smoker
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