How Long Should a Grill Brush Last? (& Tips for Extending Use)

Wondering just how long your trusty grill brush will be your wingman at the barbecue? Or is the one you bought just a hunk of junk?

In this article, we’ll look over:

  • How long should a grill brush last
  • Tips for taking care of your grill cleaning brush
  • And much more!

How Long Should a Grill Brush Last?

Grill brushes are essential tools you need to have on hand to use your grill. But how long can you expect a single brush to last?

While different brands of grill brushes will last for different amounts of time, it is recommended to replace your grill brush every season or every 100 uses (whichever comes first!). This is because grill brushes can start to break down and leave residue on your grill that could get into your food. 

For hygiene and health reasons, it’s important to change out your grill brush frequently. Read on to learn all about how long a grill brush should last. 

Why You Should Replace Your Grill Brush Every Season

Most grill brushes will last you for a season, and some may last you even longer, but regardless if yours still seems to be working, you should grab a new one at the beginning of every grilling season. 

Old grill brushes begin to break down over time, which is normal when you consider how vigorously you use them to scrub your grill. When a grill brush breaks down, especially one with bristles, these bristles can break off and end up in your food. This can lead to a medical emergency, and thousands of people every year end up in the hospital following the ingestion of metal grill brush bristles. 

To avoid making your family ill, Consumer Reports recommends switching your grill brush after every 100 uses. Because it can be difficult to keep track of individual uses, this is why we recommend everyone replace their brush every season. 

Not only that, but grill brushes tend to collect food debris over time, and this can build up and start to smell. To avoid this from happening, you’ll want to clean your grill brush after each use, and you’ll want to switch out your grill brush frequently. 

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Are You Supposed to Clean Grill Brushes?

Absolutely! Grill brushes, just like any other cooking tool, need to be cleaned after every use. You can clean a grill brush by placing it under running water, soaking it, or using a nylon pad. 

Grill Brush Cleaning Tips

While we still recommend you replace your grill brush frequently, below are some ways you can help to keep your grill brush healthy for the entire grilling season. 

Grill Brush Safety Tips

  • Check for broken bristles before each use–if you see any, remove them before brushing your grill. 
  • Invest in a bristleless brush, as these are much less likely to lead to health emergencies. 
  • Invest in a brush that allows you to change the head, like the Grill Rescue Brush
  • If you can’t remember how old a brush is, throw it out.
  • For super stuck on food, invest in a scraper

When Should You Buy a New Grill Brush?

Are you struggling to decide if it’s time to put your old grill brush out to pasture? Well, there are a few surefire signs that it is time for a new grill brush. 

1. Bristles are Falling Off

If you see bristles falling off, it is time to get a new grill brush before you decide to grill again. Check out our guide on the best grill brushes for our top recommendations.

2. There is Rust

Rust can be very dangerous when consumed. If you see any on your grill brush, you need to stop using it and buy a new grill brush right away. 

You may see this happen on cast iron grates frequently. Here’s how to remove rust from your grates and our recommendations on the best grill brushes for cast iron grates.

3. There is Mold

Mold is always a no-go. Not only is it a sign that your brush isn’t clean but it is also a potential health issue. 

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Should You Buy a Bristle-Free Brush?

Because ingesting a wire bristle is so dangerous, many people have begun to buy bristle-less brushes, and we are a fan! With a bristle-free brush, you don’t have to worry about potentially harming your friends or family if they ingest a brush bristle. 

The key player in the bristleless brush world is the Grill Rescue Brush, and it makes cleaning up after grilling a breeze. Simply dip in water, scrub, then toss the head in the dishwasher for an easy clean! 

How Do I Know if I Swallowed a Grill Brush Bristle?

The symptoms of swallowing a grill brush bristle are pain, feeling lethargic, light-headedness, or feeling dizzy. You’ll want to check your grill brush, and if you see that a bristle is missing, make arrangements to see a doctor right away. Swallowing a grill brush bristle is a serious health problem

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